Zinc is essential mineral that is present in the human organism in small amount mostly concentrated in bones, teeth, skin, liver, muscles, testicles and white blood cells.

Zinc is a mineral that is a part of over 200 proteins and it makes it a part of the processes of growing, reproduction and digestion. Zinc can help in suppressing cold symptoms and it also has anti-oxidation properties that can prevent skin aging. Zinc can speed up the process of wound healing and will also protect your skin from heat and cold and also prevent rashes. Zinc is also a mineral that has a key role in formation of bones; it helps activation of vitamin A. This mineral is important for it role against dandruff, can be important for fertility, stomach pain, and protect you from cancer.

How much zinc we need?



The daily needs of zinc for human organism depend on the age or the condition the organism is in. children, depending on the age need from 2-4 mg a day, and adults need 8-9 and it is recommended that the daily intake of zinc in pregnancy and during breastfeeding is between 11-12 mg of zinc.

Food rich in zinc

Red meat is very rich in zinc as well as animal liver. It can also be found in wheat, corn, cabbage. Smaller amounts of zinc are found in beans, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, eggs, milk.

Zinc deficiency

The most common cause of zinc deficiency is a result of bad nutrition and it can also be caused by some chronic diseases as well as malabsorption which can be caused by cereal, legumes or coffee.

Signs of zinc deficiency

It is very hard to diagnose mild deficiency of zinc because the signs are not specific therefore, long-term deficiency can lead to serious health problems.

In children long term deficiency of zinc prevents growing, developing of sex glands causes skin changes, immunity problems, can also cause damage of hearing, hair loss, anorexia, night blindness, anemia, lethargy, slow wound healing.

Deficiency of zinc in pregnancy can cause malformations in the fetus, small fetus and cause complications in the process of delivering the baby.

How to supply the body with zinc?

Nutrition is the best way to supply your body with this essential mineral. But if the deficiency is serious and long term there is a variety of supplements of zinc that can be effective in overcoming deficiency of this mineral. It is necessary to consult your doctor before you decide to take zinc supplements of any kind.

What if you take too much zinc?

Even though zinc is essential for human health if you overdose on this mineral it will harm your organism. Sufficiency of zinc can lower the absorption of iron and copper and lead to anemia, weaken the immune system as well as cause vomiting and diarrhea.




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