A lot of people are dealing with constant stomach problems linked to food allergies, autoimmune disorders, irritation, pain, constipation, bloating.

All of these conditions are linked to one or more kinds of food or drinks. Therefore it is recommended to people that already have diagnosed condition to stay away from the kind of food that causes the problems.

But food can cause stomach problems to people that have completely healthy digestive system. There are many kinds of food with specific composition that will cause stomach pain, bloating and constipation.


Apple is probably one of the healthiest fruits but if you are in the group of people with diagnosed problems with digestive system don’t eat more than 3 apples a day. Apples contain high amounts of fructose as well as various groups of sugars that are harder to digest and are hard to absorb by the bowels. When they are not absorbed this kinds of sugars ferment and they cause pain in the abdomen, bloating, constipation. FOODS AND DRINKS THAT CAUSE BLOATING

This is a food packed in saturated fats and it provokes secretion of certain hormones. They can slow down the digestions process and the movement of the digested food through the bowels which causes painful bloating.

Wheat bran
Although it is rich in fiber, wheat bran can cause bloating to people with sensitive stomach mainly because of the gluten. To make sure you avoid problems with your stomach replace the wheat bran with oats.

Reheated pasta
When you are reheating some foods that contain the so called resistant carbs such as pasta and potato they become resistant to the enzymes in the digestive system and they are harder to digest and absorb so it leads to bloating.

If you have troubled stomach limit the intake of caffeine to 2 cups of coffee a day. Caffeine can increase the movements of the digestive organs and cause bloating.

Vegan nutrition
Vegan nutrition is rich with vegetables and fruits and it is apparently healthier than meat based one. But vegan nutrition is rich in beans, legumes, garlic, mushrooms, artichokes, onion, and cauliflower and are all foods that can cause problems like bloating especially in people with diagnosed stomach problems.

Alcoholic drinks
Drinks that contain alcohol can cause various problems in the bowels and the digestive organs. While beer can cause diarrhea, heavy alcohol drinks can trigger abdominal pain and bloating.

Chewing gum
While you are chewing a gum huge amounts of air go in your digestive system and it causes bloating and burping.

Fast food
Fast food is packed with chemicals of all kinds among them are emulsifiers. They kill most of the good bacteria in the digestive system and allow the bad ones to spread and multiply. Bad bacteria cause inflammation and cause bloating. If you use fast food regularly in just 10 days the number of good bacteria in your organism will be reduced by a half.

Gluten is a protein found in the grain of cereals like wheat, barley or oats. It causes various digestive problems and bloating especially to people that are intolerant and suffer from celiac disease.


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