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Eggplant is amazing vegetable with incredible health benefits, which are a result of the nutrients that are present in the vegetable.

Eggplant is rich in vitamin C, B6, B1 and B3, B9 as well as minerals including magnesium, phosphorus, copper, manganese and potassium.  Dietary fiber is also another one healthy nutrient this vegetable is rich in. regular use of eggplant will significantly improve your health. Here are some of the main reasons why to eggplant regularly.


Dietary fiber is the key nutrient to healthy digestive organs. It can balance the digestion process, keep the organs healthy and prevent diseases. Fiber also improves the quality of gastric juices that are the key to good digestion as well as improving absorption of nutrients from foods that are being digested. Good digestion is the key to healthy organism. EGGPLANT IS BETTER THAN MOST COMMERCIAL MEDICINES AND HERE ARE 8 REASONS WHY

Weight loss
Eggplant is amazing if you want to lose weight. Dietary fiber improves the process of digestion. Dietary fiber is also amazing because it will fill you up and keep you full for longer time. Eggplant also contains nutrient that controls the hormone of hunger so this is amazing combination all in one vegetable that is good choice for your diet menu.

Cancer prevention
This healthy vegetable is rich in antioxidants that are key to preventing the diseases to attack the organism. From the other side vitamin C is working to improve the immune system and complete the whole protection system. Eggplant is also rich manganese that is mineral important in prevention of free radicals to cause damage such as cancer cells in the organism.


Eggplant is rich in minerals essential for bone health. it is very good natural source of calcium and iron and it also contains potassium that is needed for proper calcium absorption. Science already proved that eggplant can significantly improve the symptoms of arthritis and osteoporosis and also strength the bones and improve the density of bone tissue.

When your body doesn’t get the proper amount of iron it may result with anemia. It is very serious disorder because it can bring various side symptoms such as headaches, tiredness, weakness and depression. Eggplant is rich in iron and copper that are minerals important for preventing anemia.

Brain functions
Eggplants are rich in nutrients that are improving brain functions as well as mental health. Regular use of this vegetable can improve and speed up the blood flow to the brain and improve the function if neurons.

Eggplant can control the level of cholesterol in the blood by increasing the level of the good cholesterol. Regulated cholesterol level is the good way to prevent heart diseases as well as diseases of cardiovascular system. When the level of LDL cholesterol is in the normal range the risk of heart attack and stroke is very low.

High amount of fiber is also perfect for regulation of blood sugar level and the level of insulin. When the level of insulin is stable the level of sugar will also be stable.

NOTE: If you are person that is prone to food allergies then contact your doctor before you decide to increase the amount of eggplant you eat. Frying the eggplant is not the best way to prepare it because it will lose most of the nutritive value and fill up with grease.


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