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Cucumber is very healthy vegetable that mostly consists of water but it is also rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential for our health.

Most of us use it almost every day but do we know how healthy cucumber really is? Read on to know amazing benefits this amazing vegetable has on our health that will make you eat more cucumber every day.


Cucumber is rich in magnesium, potassium and silicon minerals that are essential for healthy and beautiful skin.

Weight loss
Cucumber is very low in calories and it is mostly made of water. But it also contains fiber that is essential for digestion. Add as much cucumber as you can to your daily menu it will help you get rid of all extra weight and stay fit and healthy.

Bags under the eyes
Cucumber has anti inflammatory properties and if you put slices of cucumber on the eyes it will reduce the swelling and the bags under the eyes.

Cucumber has anti cancer properties thanks to various antioxidants that it contains it can provide powerful protection against various kinds of cancer as ovary, prostate and breast cancer. WHY WE NEED TO EAT CUCUMBER EVERY DAY?

Cucumber contains a substance called sterol that can help you lower the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood.

Blood sugar level
Cucumber contains hormone that helps the pancreas to produce insulin that is essential for people that suffer from diabetes.

Blood pressure
Minerals and fiber found in cucumber are beneficial for regulation of blood pressure.

It is 90% made of water and it is amazing to keep you hydrated body. You can eat it daily to supply your body with the amount of water it needs.

Cucumber is amazing food that will cool you down during hot summer days. It can also help you with heat that can occur as a result of sunburns you just need to grate it and apply on the affected parts.

Thanks to the big amount of water cucumber contains it can help your body to throw out all the toxins and it is also good if you are dealing with kidney stones.

Fresh breath
You can replace the chewing gum with a slice of cucumber. Just place it in your mouth and the cucumber slice will start working, eliminate bad breath kill the bacteria and heal the wounds in the oral cavity.

Cucumber contains silicone. This mineral improves the condition of the joints and soothes bone pain as well as arthritis pain. Cucumber juice will also reduce the level of uric acid and help with gout.

Cucumber contains good amounts of vitamin B, sugar and electrolytes that will help to avoid hangover symptoms.

Energy shot
Vitamin B as well as carbs from cucumber is amazing energy shot to wake up and fill you up with all energy you need.

Gum bleeding
You will prevent bleeding from the gums just with regular use of cucumbers.


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