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Dementia is usually characterized as a disease of older people. It is a disease when the patient loses mental abilities and has difficulty with mental processes as thinking, memorizing and logic conclusions.

This disease is advancing very fast and it is linked to various symptoms that can be mild but also extreme. It is a disease that affects only the patient but also the closest family.

Even though the disease is terminal and there is not a way it can be cured, recent scientific researches show that there are first symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s that start showing  even 15 -20 years before the disease start advancing. This finding is revolutionary and it can help in advanced researches that can lead to final answer how to prevent dementia or at least soothe it symptoms.9 KEY LIFESTYLE CHANGES FOR PREVENTING ALZHEIMER’S AND DEMENTIA

One of the studies that treat this problem recently proved that there are 9 risk factors in our life that can be blamed for dementia.  The scientists say that people that stop their education at the age of 15, people that suffer from high blood pressure, ones struggling with obesity, ones that lose their hearing in their fifties are among high risk groups. They also name smoking, depression, lack of physical activity, social isolation and diabetes that occurs in the late years as the rest of the risk factors. Scientists state that with elimination of these risk factors 1 of every 3 cases of dementia in the world will be prevented.

Dementia really is the disease of older age but changes in the brain that can warn about it start years before.  Therefore it is extremely important to start considering prevention as one of the most important thing when it comes to this disease.

It is devastating to know that there are around 47milion people in the world that are suffering from dementia and some say that the number will triple by 2050.

Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain such as Alzheimer’s disease that is mainly deterioration of the brain that causes problems with memory, behavior, orientation and mainly all daily activities. According to scientists about 35 percent of all dementia cases could have been prevented by these 3 lifestyle changes: better education in the younger age, lowering hearing problems in the middle ages and quitting smoking.  Proper high school education can prevent loss of cognitive functions in the late years. Improving the hearing will help build more vivid perception about the world around that also improves cognitive functions. Quitting smoking means that will be no more neurotoxins in the surrounding, which is a key to healthier heart and brain.

So when we know that the key is in prevention of this disease that cannot be cured start the changes. Provide yourself with proper education, and don’t ever stop learning something. Protect your hearing, stop smoking, engage in a physical activity, hang out with your friends, quit nicotine and alcohol, eat healthy. Fulfill your life with positive activities that will not only make you complete but will also prevent your brain from damages in the elderly years.


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