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Banana is one of healthiest fruits out there. Even though there are doubts about this considering the high amount of sugar it contains it is almost certain that moderate use of this tropical fruit can be very beneficial for your health.

Banana is proven to be very effective for weight loss as it is a part of variety mixtures and drinks that are treating this problem. Banana can also help if you struggle with insomnia, with cough and bronchitis and it is proven to be more effective than medication in more than 5 health problems.

Banana is rich in potassium and carbs that makes it perfect to give you healthy energy during your work day which is one of the main reasons we use it daily. Banana is a fruit that is very available during whole year and our markets are simply filled up with this fruit. Most of us usually buy bananas that are barely ripe, with bright green yellow color of the peel and without any dark spots on it. They really look tastiest and most delicious but are they also healthiest and most beneficial.


If you look at this photo of 7 bananas that are in different stage in the process of ripping, most people will probably buy number 4 or 5. But believe it or not they are not the best choice. Those bananas that are always with lower price at the back of the shelf in your supermarket are the healthiest bananas. Yes that is right; bananas that have the brown spots and are almost overripe are the best buy. WHICH BANANA IS BETTER? YOU’VE BEEN BUYING WRONG BANANAS YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!

According to a scientific research that was conducted in Japan bananas that are completely ripe, those with spots or banana number 7 in our photo are the ones that are the most beneficial for our health.

Banana is one of the most powerful anti cancer fruits. When compared to fruits like grapes, apples, pears and pineapple, the result was that bananas are richer with anti cancer nutrients than the fruits we mentioned above. But the study also confirmed that the concentration of those nutrients is highest in the bananas that are most ripe. The Japanese scientist confirmed that banana number 7 from our photo has the ability to produce a substance that is called Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF). This substance has unique ability to fight against cancer cells and all of the cells that act abnormal.  As the banana ripens, dark brown spots start forming on the peel. The more spots it has the concentration of TNF is higher. This kind of bananas also is also best for immunity. Banana number 7 will be your best choice if you suffer from digestion problems, because the sugar is easily absorbed, unlike bananas that are not well ripe when the starch is harder to digest.

So the next time you go to buy bananas, think well what kind you will buy. The ones that look the best are not always the best choice.


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