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St. John’s wort is a characteristic plant with bright yellow flowers and pleasant aroma. The plant grows on heels and meadows and it blooms almost all summer long. The best period to harvest the plant is in July because the blossom is most intense.

St. John’s wort plant is well known to people from long ago. It has high healing properties and strong anti bacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties. The plant is rich in substances like hipericin, various tannins and flavonoids. These ingredients sooth the inflammations and improve formation on the epithelium.


Besides the amazing benefits St. John’s wort tea has for human organism, oil made from this plant also has wide use and is very beneficial especially in skin care. It is very easy to prepare the oil. It is natural and besides it healing properties it can serve as good natural skin care. HEALING USES OF ST. JON’S WORT OIL

To prepare this amazing oil you need a liter of cold pressed oil and 100 grams of St. John’s wort. Some people use only flowers but you can use the whole plant. Add the herb in a clean transparent glass jar and pour over a liter of oil.  The oil has to completely cover the herb. Cover the jar with clean gauze and tie the gauze with elastic. Place the jar on sunny place and let it there for 6 weeks. After the oil becomes dark red it is necessary to strain it so that you can remove the herb, squeeze well the oil of the herb and place the oil in a dark glass container and keep it on room temperature.


This oil is perfect choice for you if you have skin problems. It treats sunburns perfectly. It can also treat wounds of all kinds. It is recommended for patients that are tied to a bed because it can prevent decubitis. St. John’s wort oil can treat scars, stretch marks and acne.

St. John’s wort oil can be very effective in treating ovary problems, vaginal infections, HPV, herpes, hemorrhoids, and similar yeast and virus infections as well as menstrual cramps. This oil can be used to treat varicose veins, rheumatism, gout and other muscle and nerve inflammations.  It is effective for ulcers external as well as internal.

If you use St. John’s wort oil as a therapy for some of the conditions you can also add St. John’s wort tea. It will improve the efficiency of the oil especially for menstrual cramps.

NOTE: Although it is natural and good for skin care, St. Jon’s wort oil is photo toxic and it is best to use it after the sun goes down and avoid applying it on sunlight, when you are exposed to direct sunlight.


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