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Stress is becoming a part of our everyday life that is causing very serious consequences on our health. Some experts even call it the cause of all diseases, because people that are over stressed usually suffer from anxiety, headaches, digestion problems, insomnia, skin problems, as well as diseases that don’t show any symptoms.

Everyone that is constantly stressed has to know that it is very important to learn the best ways to deal with stress and reduce it so that you can lower the risk of all diseases that come with it.

Some people stick to their doctor’s advice and use medication to remove the tension stress is causing. But chemical compounds that are used in medication are usually with numerous side effects. That is the main reason to stick to natural ways and try to reduce stress with use of these natural techniques. EASY WAY TO REDUCE STRESS NATURALLY

Some may not believe but this amazing easy stress relieving technique is very effective. Although it may seem like a joke to someone, this actually releases the tension and stress and it may help anyone that is constantly exposed to stress.


Believe it or not all you need to reduce your stress level is a couple of walnuts, and lets not forget a little more faith.

Walnuts are very beneficial for human health and are essential source of healthy fats, but here walnuts will serve you as a tool to do a massage of your hands.

First way is to get 2 walnuts in each hand and start making circular movements with them for some time.  You can also try this other method: put 2 walnuts in a hand and cover them with the other hand. Then make circular movements. After you finished previous treatments, massage the tips of your fingers slowly.

These easy techniques will reduce the level of stress and rapidly calm you down no matter how high the tension is.


There are numerous points on our hands that are linked to various organs in the body. When you are applying any kind of pressure to these points you are able to get rid of variety of disorders. This also relieves stress. From the other side you have the specific texture from the walnut shell that works better than any other massaging device.

Try this especially if you are bothered with stress. You can’t lose nothing more than stress.


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