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Stress is a condition that affects all body organs. It causes huge impact on our health as well as causes wide range of side disorders that make one sort of chaos in the organism.

Stress is cause extreme tension to the brain. This creates side symptoms as increased heart beat, sweating, dizziness, loss of breath, trembling. It brings overflow of negative emotions as fear that seem like stealing all of your strength and you can’t do nothing about it. Constant exposure to stress can create feeling of doubt that will make you doubt in yourself and in your actions. It may happen a lot of times to get stressed and check numerous times if you locked the front door or did you turned off the gas, or the iron. Situations like this can will stuck negative emotions in your life that will overflow you and make you live in constant depression, fear and anxiety. STRESSED OUT? YOU NEED A CUP OF THIS TEA!

This way of life causes enormous disorders to your mental and physical health. You are unable to function normally; you are tired of everything and easily giving up. Stress causes various disorders in the body functions. It causes headaches that are unbearable, your muscles lose strength, you are bloated because the digestion process is disturbed, and because almost all body functions are disturbed you can lose or gain weight, may suffer allergy or rush etc.


We are constantly repeating that nature has the perfect solution for every disease and it can solve all health linked problems. Well it does, and as a matter of fact nature can also help you deal with stress, as well as depression and anxiety.

The plant that will help you with all stress issues is licorice to be more exact its root. This plant has amazing healing properties and is useful in treating of many disorders. Licorice contains a compound that is similar to cortisol. It helps the body to deal with stress and anxiety. This plant also normalizes the function of adrenal gland, cleans up the mind and improves the ability to think and judge rationally.

Best way to add this plant in your daily diet is to make a tea. The tea can be prepared from dry root from licorice plant. You need to wash and cut the root in tiny pieces. Add them in boiling water and cook for 30 seconds. Then remove it from the heat and let it cool down for 20 minutes. Then strain and drink. You can sweet it up by adding some honey to it. Drink a cup of licorice root tea 3 times a day to feel it benefits.


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