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Swelling of the feet is usually a condition that is more present in the summer when the weather is hot and a lot of people that are affected to it are not taking this very seriously. Those that experience this condition usually think that it is because of the heat and try to fix the problem using wraps and creams.

But swollen feet can be a symptom of serious health disorders that are happening in your body and therefore you need to react properly if you are among those dealing with swollen and painful feet daily. So instead of trying to figure out a way to remove the swellings you need to find real reason that causes them and remove it on time. We listed some serious health disorders that cause feet swelling.


Edema is a condition when the body is retaining water. This is a condition that may cause swelling of arms, feet and face. The swelling that is linked to edema usually reduces on its own, but if it is present after some time it probably because some more serious disorder. YOUR FEET ARE SWOLLEN? THESE ARE SOME OF THE REASONS

Swollen feet can be symptom of serious injury or fracture on your ankle. The foot and ankle will swell because there is higher amount of blood in the area so that the healing is faster. if you trip, fall or hurt your ankle any other way and it starts swelling it will be the best to see a doctor and treat possible serious injuries on the foot.

Swelling of the feet is one of the most common symptoms during pregnancy, because the body retains more water. It becomes more serious as the day passes away, especially if you spent more time on your feet. Even though this is not a sign of any serious disorder it may be very unpleasant and painful condition.

This is a disorder that happens in pregnancy. It is characteristic for increased blood pressure and presence of high amount of protein in urine. It can start around 20th week of the pregnancy and can be notices by following symptoms such as headache, vertigo, weakness and stomach pain.

Lymphatic edema is a condition of localized water retention and swelling caused by compressed and damaged lymph system. This happens during cancer treatment and can result in painful swelling of arms and legs that can be treated with special medical treatments, exercise and massage.

Heart failure
When the heart does not pump the blood properly it can move in wrong direction, gather in the feet and cause swelling. Patients with this condition find it hard to lie on the back; feel seeded up heart beats and lack of air. These symptoms are a signal that you need to seek medical attention immediately.

Liver diseases
If the liver is damaged or affected with some disease as hepatitis, it needs to be repaired. Liver regenerates on its own but during that process it may work slower than usual, and this will cause water retention and swelling in the body.

Kidney diseases
Kidneys are a filter that cleans the blood from toxins. If they don’t do their job right our body can experience serious health disorders. When excess salt is not expelled from the blood it causes water retention and it all stores down on the feet.




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