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Human body is an amazing mechanism. Every part of it is linked with other and it all functions in one perfect composition.

Long ago doctors of Chinese traditional medicine learned how to use the links between the organs in the body to help heal the sick organs. Reflexology is a scientific method that uses simple pressure on various body parts in order to remove the pain. This method shows very good results and it is used today in alternative medicine of world countries.

As the science studies the links between the organs in the body, we come to conclusion that or our fingers are linked to organs in the body. If you are feeling pain anywhere in the body all you need to do is massage the finger for a minute or squeeze it for a while. MASSAGE YOUR FINGERS FOR 60 SECONDS AND THE PAIN WILL GO AWAY!

This is very simple method you can do in the safety of your home. The method will help you stay away from pain killing medication. It is effective but without any adverse side effects that medication has. All you need to know is which organs and fingers are linked and do the treatment.


Thumb is linked with the heart and the lungs. Rub your thumb for a while and pull it every time you feel your heart is beating faster and if you are breathing heavy.

This finger is your link with the organs of the digestive system, stomach and the colon. If you are suffering from constipation or feel abdominal pain squeeze the pointer, rub it well for a minute and then pull it at the end.

Middle finger
Every time you feel nausea, insomnia and vertigo just stretch out your middle finger and rub it for a while. Massaging your middle finger can help you with problems linked to the heart, blood vessels and airways in your body.

Ring finger
This is the finger that is linked directly to your mood. Any kind of nervous condition as anxiety and depression can be solved with a minute massage of the ring finger.

Little finger
Massage the little finger if you are having kidney problems, feel headaches or pain in the neck area. You will start feeling immediate relief.

This method also recommends clapping your hands from time to time. When you clap your hands it will rapidly improve the circulation and set you free from depression and tension that you feel.

All these methods are simple and easy to use and completely safe without any possible side effects. Try them because the only thing you can lose is pain.


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