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Eggs are one of the healthiest breakfast foods that you can choose. They are rich in amazing range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are essential for healthy and fit body.  Besides being rich source of protein, eggs are also good source of vitamin B complex as well as vitamin D. eggs contain all of the amino acids that human organism needs, and all that without any carbs.  even though some people don’t consider them healthy because of belief that they can rise the cholesterol level, variety of researches show that eggs are completely safe food choice and there is no way regular use of eggs can cause any kind of health problems in healthy people.


Eggs protect the brain
Eggs contain holins that are group of small proteins. Scientific researches show that lack of these proteins can cause weakened nervous functions as well as memory problems. With 2 eggs a day you will provide your organism with sufficient amount of holins to maintain the normal functioning of the brain and help it work properly.

Protect the eyes
Egg yolk contains lutein. It is known as the “eye vitamin” and is responsible for the eye health and clear vision. If you get proper amounts of lutein you can prevent serious eye damages macular degeneration that occurs with aging, cataract and retinitis etc.9 THINGS THAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOUR BODY IF YOU START EATING 2 EGGS A DAY

Improve calcium absorption
Vitamin D deficiency can cause serious problems for the health. as vitamin D helps absorption of calcium in the organism it has the main role in the formation of tissue and protection of the bones and teeth.

Beautiful skin and hair
Eggs contain vitamins of the B complex. Vitamins B 7 and B 12 are important for skin and hair as they keep it healthy and beautiful.

Heart diseases
Eggs contain the good cholesterol that can prevent the body to produce it on its own. They are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids that help in regulating triglycerides level and prevent serious diseases of the heart and the cardiovascular system.

Weight loss
2 eggs breakfast in combination with healthy nutrition can help you lose weight faster. Eggs are rich in protein and they will give you all needed energy and keep you full during the day. Protein rich breakfast will also lower the need for sugar which also helps weight loss.

Science proved that regular use of eggs in early ages can significantly lower breast cancer risk in women. This is thanks to holins that have the property to prevent formation of cancer cells in the organism.

Healthy pregnancy
Eggs are rich source of vitamin B beneficial for proper functioning of sex hormones. Vitamin B 9 or folic acid is very important when it comes to red blood cells and nerve tube in fetus. Regular use of folic acid is recommended to women that plan pregnancy and during the first trimester of the pregnancy to lower risk of nervous damaging on the fetus.


2 eggs daily can slow down the aging process. It is proven that if you eat eggs regularly age spots will slowly fade out and the skin will be more elastic as the wrinkles around the eyes will fill up.


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