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Constant headaches can be caused by a variety of reasons such as dehydration, blood pressure, physical exhaustion, stress, as well as bad diet. It is true that food can be your medicine but it can also be a cause of the disease especially if you focus on the bad kinds and use it often. It is true that various kinds of food may cause headaches as a result of certain substances that they contain.

Various researches proved that some kind of foods contain substances that can increase the risk of headache as well as trigger the headache and worsen the condition when the headache is already present.


The substance that all kinds of cheeses contain that is called tyramine can cause various kinds of headaches as well as migraine. Even though the amount of tyramine is different in various kinds of cheeses, usually the oldest are the most dangerous when it comes to migraine. FOODS THAT MAY CAUSE HEADACHES

Candies of all kinds are packed with additives-artificial substances that are responsible for the taste and the color of the candies. These are the substances like sodium glutamate, yeast extracts, various plant protein and similar additives. Additives are harmful for our general health so next time you reach for a bag of candy think twice what it can do for your headaches.

It is not healthy at all. Alcohol can cause various damages on human organism and it can also trigger headaches. It contains thyroamine, substance that can trigger headache and it is present in higher concentrations in red wine, champagne and beer.

Cold food
Reaching out for cold food especially when your body has been exposed to sunlight and higher temperatures will almost always cause headache. Cold food causes headaches especially if your body is hotter than the average.

Processed meat

Nitrites are a form of preservatives in meat processing. They are present in sausages, meat cans, salami and all the meat of similar kind. This food will not only cause migraine it is also one of the main causes for cancer worldwide.

Some kinds of tea contain serious amounts of substance called tannin. This substance is very strong cause of headache of all kinds.

Dry fruit
Preservatives are a substance that is used to keep the aroma and flavor of the fruit during the process of drying. The process of industrial drying of the fruits uses sulfates as preservatives and they are usually added to all of the fruits. To prevent headaches check out the label next time you buy dried fruits.

Although cocoa is good for the nervous system and it can protect the nerve cells there is a statistic according to which over 33% of the migraine cases are caused by chocolate. That is the main cause you need to choose your food carefully especially if you suffer from frequent headaches.

A cup of coffee will not do anything harmful, but may have positive effects on the organism. But if you start drinking more and more coffee it will cause certain caffeine addiction. Caffeine addiction can cause frequent headaches. You may also experience headaches if you suddenly cut your entire caffeine intake.

It is confirmed that all kinds of dough that contains any kind of yeast can be a headache trigger so stay away from bread, buns, pastry and biscuits that can cause migraines.



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