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Water is the essential for human life. It is important to drink right amount of water so that your organism stays healthy and works properly. it is recommended to drink as much water as you can because it keeps the organism healthy, fresh, hydrated and fit. Although there is no way that you drink too much water, you need to know that if you start entering enormous amounts of water in your organism it can be really bad for you.


Everyone is already familiar with the fact that you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water to keep the body healthy. Although everyone keeps repeating that you need to drink as much water as you can you need to know that the best is to be moderate at everything, even water. If you start to exaggerate and keep drinking large amounts of water you can experience various disorders, so keep the limits in mind and don’t go over the recommended amounts. These are some of the situations that will indicate you already drank too much water. IS DRINKING TOO MUCH WATER BAD FOR YOU?

This is a condition when the concentration of sodium in the organism drops as a result of consumption of increased amounts of water. It is a disorder that is usually followed with symptoms like nausea and vomiting. It is recommended to stop consuming more water and limit the daily intake of this liquid.

Color of the urine
If you observe the color of the urine it will show you the condition of your organism. If it is too dark it is obvious sign your organism is dehydrated, bright yellow urine color will show that your organism is in good shape while if the urine is transparent you are definitely drinking too much water. Limit the amounts of water you are consuming as soon as you notice your urine color is transparent.

Water during meal
If you drink a glass of water before your meal it will help you eat less and you can easily lose weight. But if you keep drinking more and more water with the meal you will end up with full stomach, feeling bloated and probably with nausea.

If you are dedicated to intense workouts that are hard and demanding you are probably sweating a lot. This way your body loses high amounts of sodium and potassium. This two essential minerals are very important for your health but you can’t get them through water. Use electrolytes or coconut water instead, they will be more efficient.

Flavored water
Adding flavor to water is one of the tricks that can help you drink more water. But if you are buying flavored water you need to know that you have to limit the amount that you will drink, because it can cause hunger and that way directly increase your body weight.


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