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Headache is probably one of the most common kinds of pain that people experience. There are so many ways that people that are affected describe the symptoms of this kind of pain.

Symptoms are usually described as squeezing, hitting, throbbing, and unrelenting. Pain can appear in one part or it can affect the whole head. Headache can appear spontaneously and it can also be caused by variety of other factors that are mainly linked with physical activity. It may appear in one episode and slowly disappear but it can also be in form of chronic headache and appear in episodes in increased severity. Headache can also appear as a following symptom of other disease such us high or low blood pressure, cold or flu, etc. some of the most common kinds of headaches include tension, migraine and cluster headaches. Migraine headaches are linked with vitamin deficiency or other disorder in the body and can be followed with other symptoms as nausea and vomiting. Headache can also appear as a result of dehydration or insufficient water intake.   HOW TO GET RID OF A HEADACHE IN 5 MINUTES WITHOUT PILLS


So as the causes vary there are also various treatments of headache. Although medicine practices pain medication such as aspirin and ibuprofen as a therapy, alternative medicine offers a variety of natural based remedies and treatments that can help relieve the pain and tension caused by headaches. There are a variety of natural replacements for painkiller medication you can use. There are also various drinks that can set you free from headache in very short time.

There is one simple method that will help you relieve headache in a bit and at the same time normalize your blood pressure.  All you need is some salt, water and gauze. This method is fast and easy and most important it is effective.  so if you are suffering from intense strong episodes of head pain this is what you need to do.

You need a compress that you can prepare from gauze. It needs to be in 8 layers, wide to fit your forehead and long to go around your head.  When you have this prepared you need to make 8% salty water solution. Heat up a glass (250 ml) of water up to 70 degrees Celsius. Then add 2 tablespoons of sea salt and mix it until the salt dissolves in the water.  Wash your forehead, neck, and around ears with warm water. Then soak the compress in the salty solution you prepared, squeeze out the excess liquid and cool it down a bit. Apply the compress around your head then wrap a cotton fabric over to fix it and lie down. Lay down resting for about 10 minutes and then remove the compress. Wash up with warm water. You will feel instant relieve after you use this treatment.

This method is an effective way to remove swelling on the feet, as well as increased blood pressure since the salt in the compress acts as a diuretic and can draw the water out of the organism.


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