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We call them silent killer because they don’t have any characteristic symptoms that can help diagnosing and proper treatment on time and they usually do enormous damage to the organism. Some of these diseases are sympthomized with normal disorders such as bloating, tiredness, headache and abdominal pain which make it hard even for the experts to make the right diagnose and prescribe proper treatment. Usually when the disease is diagnosed is too late to do anything and it unfortunately ends up tragically.

This is the main reasons people need to be informed so they can be able to recognize the symptoms and react fast so that they can get proper treatment. These are the silent killer diseases that can end up fatal if not treated on time.

Ovarian cancer
This killer disease is very common in woman. the chances of surviving 5 years with this disease is around 45%, but it can change if the disease is diagnosed and treated on time.
Ovarian cancer usually is very hard to diagnose even for expert doctors. When the symptoms start showing the disease is usually in advanced stage which makes the treatment harder and the final result can be fatal. The most common symptoms of ovarian cancer are sickness, abdominal cramps and heartburn that can last more than 2 weeks. It can also be symptomized with vomiting, increased need for urination and constant pressure in the bladder, bloating and vaginal bleeding.

Heart diseases

Heart attack is very common disease of the new age and it affects big percent of world population leaving fatal consequences. Some of the most important symptoms of heart diseases include chest pain, sweating and arm pain, but these are the advanced symptoms. but the first symptoms are different. So if you start feeling shortness of breath, tiredness or vertigo it is time to go see your doctor, especially if you have history of heart diseases in your family, because this diseases are linked with genetics.

Lupus is chronic autoimmune disease that can damage skin, joints or organs inside the body. the body is attacking itself same way as it will fight against the disease. This is a disease that can not be healed, but you can treat the symptoms. it is a disease that is very hard to diagnose because the symptoms will show from time to time. Some of the silent symptoms that can indicate you suffer from this disease are rashes on the face usually on the nose and cheeks, pain in the joints, heavy and painful breathing, headache, pain in the abdomen, increased hair fall. Consult your doctor fast if you start experiencing some or more of these symptoms. 5 SILENT KILLER DISEASES YOU MUST KNOW

Symptoms of type 2 diabetes are very hard to recognize because they will fast disappear. Experts warn that the number of people leaving with undiagnosed diabetes is huge. You have to know that this disease can cause various complications and it is very important the disease to be discovered and treated on time. Silent symptoms you need to be aware of are constant thirst, frequent urination, weight loss and chronic tiredness. Be aware and contact your doctor if you notice some of these symptoms, because diabetes can damage various organs in the body.

Motor neuron disease
MND is progressive neurological condition that attacks the motor neurons in the brain. In time messages stop reaching to the muscles and it results in weakness. MND can effect on one’s way of walking, talking and breathing. Some of the early symptoms you need to pay attention to are muscle weakness, cramps, twitches, nasal speech and obscurity. Pay attention and react on time because in the advanced state MND patients completely lose the muscle ability and the ending is fatal.


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