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With age our bones and joints also age and due to their constant work to keep us on our feet they waste and ruin. The problem becomes even more serious if we don’t give our body needed amounts of nutrients to keep the bones and joints healthy. The bone tissue and cartilage waste and we slowly start to suffer from excruciating pain in the joints known as arthritis. Although there are many variations of this disease, they all have one thing in common-they can’t be cured. All you need to do is learn how to live with the disease and try to improve the quality of your life as well as try some of many cures that can help you relieve the symptoms.

Arthritis is characterized with swelling and pain in the joint area. With time the pain becomes more intense, the mobility is lower and as a result of constant pain patients also suffer from side disorders such as anemia, weakness, tiredness, weight loss. Erosion and destruction of the bone tissue and cartilage can result in heavy deforming of the joint and patients are often tied to the bed without ability to stand up and do simple things.


There is not a reason to feel hopeless when you know that you are dealing with arthritis. You can drastically relief the symptoms of the disease with just slight adaptations in your lifestyle. Change your diet by adding fresh unprocessed foods, fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains, unrefined oils rich in fatty acids. Engage in some kind of physical activity that will benefit you. You can also try some of the remedies of natural medicine to help you deal with the symptoms of your disease.

As we already know simplest things can sometimes be most effective. Nature always has its ways to deal with most complicated conditions the easiest way. This natural remedy that proved to be very effective in treating arthritis symptoms is made of one simple vegetable-eggplant. AMAZING!!! CURE ARTHRITIS SYMPTOMS WITH JUST ONE VEGETABLE!

This is what the treatment is about. Add a liter of water in a pot and bring it to boil. Then add medium sized eggplant you previously washed and sliced in circles. Turn off the heat and leave the pot until it is completely cooled down. Divide the liquid in 2 parts: 750 ml that you need to drink during the day and 250 ml that is for external use. Pour the liquid you need to drink in proper container and put in a fridge. Add 50 ml of olive oil in the other liquid and mix it then also put in fridge.

Drink a glass (250 ml) of the liquid before every meal and apply from the mixture with the oil on the affected joints and bones. Use this treatment for 10 days and very soon you will be amazed with the effects it will have on your body.



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