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There is not a person in the world that didn’t felt scared first thing in the morning after looking in the mirror. You are looking and you can’t believe your eyes. You re are swollen in the area around the eyes and there are dark circles that surround the eyes. You wash your face but it does not help. You try with makeup but it also will not work…

This is very serious problem that bothers you mostly because there is not a way to solve it right away. And you will end up going to work with puffed face looking older, tired and unwell and you will feel awful at the end of the day.
There is a belief that the bags and dark circles under the eyes are a result of lack of good quality sleep but recent studies proved that this is not the case. They form as a result of unhealthy lifestyle and nutrition, increased ability of our organism to retain liquids, some health disorders. In many cases you need to thank to your ancestors about this attribute of yours.
Adopting healthy way of is definitely one of the best ways to prevent swelling and dark circles under eyes. Avoid processed food and one that is packed with salt because salt is well known for the ability to retain water in the organism. If you simply get higher pillow you head will be up when you sleep which will prevent retention of water in the area under the eyes.



There are a variety of cosmetic products you can try that are dealing with this problem. But believe it or not there are so many useful things in your kitchen that can help you with this problem. They are effective, cheap and natural which means you will get good results without any side effects. We are sure you all have them in the kitchen now here is how to use them.

Rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, this vegetable is nature’s best remedy for irritations, redness and swelling. Before use keep the cucumber in the fridge so that it can cool down completely. Cut it in circles and place them on your eyes. Keep on for half an hour. When you remove the cucumber you will feel amazing freshness in the area under your eyes and the swelling will be significantly reduced.

This vegetable is also rich in substances with attributes to remove retained liquid from your under eyes. Cool it down and slice it on thin slices, or grate it and put in a small gauze pouches and place on your eyes. Potato will stay cold for longer and remove the swelling rapidly.

Yes it is true, milk can also reduce swelling very fast, and it is very easy to use it for this purpose. Dip a piece of cotton but in cold full fat milk and apply it on the eyes. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and you will be amazed when you see the swelling reduced.

Tea bags
Cold used tea bags are a perfect treatment for swollen and dark under eyes. You can use chamomile tea bags because this plant has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. By applying cold chamomile tea bags on the eyes they will remove redness, remove swelling and   refresh your eyes. You can use bags of green tea or black tea. They are both rich in caffeine that will improve the blood flow in the area around the eyes. With regular application of cold bags of green or black tea on the eyes, 2 times a week the skin around your eyes will become more elastic and bags will disappear.

Egg whites
Make thick foam of egg white and apply it under the eyes. Leave on for 15 minutes. As the mask starts to dry you will feel the skin shrink. This mask will also improve the circulation, reduce inflammation and nourish your skin.


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