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There is a theory that says that regular mourning showers with cold water can significantly improve your health and beauty. You can determine if the theory is true or not only by putting it to the test. If you are willing to try cold shower treatments and you never before had any body contact with cold water you should know that when you get in contact with cold water you will feel something similar to tingling all over your body. It is a strong rush that can be compared to electricity going through all your body.  As the theory says as well as people that tried this treatment, first benefits will be noticed after a short period. Cold showers will make you full of energy, and healthy. You will need less sleep and your skin will be more beautiful.


It may sound very easy but cold shower treatments are not as easy as they sound. You don’t need to start showering with coldest water, try making it colder and colder every day to adjust the organism a little. The adaptation will not last longer than 2 weeks and you will feel the cold showers pleasant afterwards. Then shower every morning for at least 3 minutes. Repeat this for 3 weeks. You may want to scream at first but that will be OK when you see the amazing benefits this treatments will have for you. if you manage to get used to this it may become your usual practice every morning because you will enjoy the energy and health that this treatment will bring you. THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF COLD SHOWERS


Regular cold showers in the morning will improve your circulation. The blood vessels will tighten and the blood will flow faster through your whole body. This means that more oxygen will get to every cell of the body.

Brain function
Cold water is a perfect treatment for the brain. It clears it up and starts to function a lot better.

After you take a cold shower your breathing speeds up and that way your body gets more oxygen. It helps to fill up with energy and wake up completely.

Hormone function
Cold showers are like a shock to the body and it leads to improved secretion of hormones.

While you are showering with cold water your muscles are tightening and the lymph runs faster through the body and it results in boosting up the metabolism.

Weight loss
When in contact with cold, your body produces energy in order to warm up. This means that the body uses the deposits of fat and transforms them into energy and you are losing all the weight that is stored all over the body.

As a result of improved metabolism and more oxygen our body gets, our immune system improves and we are immune to all kinds of bacteria and virus infections.

As the circulation is improved and the body gets more oxygen, the skin is more elastic, healthier and younger.


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