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Everyone needs good and healthy sleep. It is important for general good condition of the organism, it is key for normal functioning through day and through life. When you don’t get enough quality sleep you can’t concentrate, can’t do simple tasks through your workday, you don’t have enough energy or will to do anything and you are more prone to diseases.

There are more factors that are determining the quality of your sleep. Among them are the quality and the position of your bed, position of the furniture, windows and the quality of the air in your bedroom. That is right to get a good night sleep you need good amounts of oxygen and clean air in your bedroom.
Well that is true. There are various things that pollute the air in our living space like wall paints, and glues, various cleaners, air refreshers even your cosmetic products. And let’s not forget cigarette smoke that is present everywhere where the smokers are.
To clean your living space, especially the places where you sleep you have to ventilate your rooms for 20 minutes every day. You can also place some plant in your bedroom that will keep the air in the room clean.


When we talk about plants in your bedroom there is a group with an opinion that plant can only harm you if you keep them in your bedroom. This is because they only produce oxygen during sunlight and in the night they are using it, so there is not much of a use from them. Well nobody is suggesting making a greenhouse in your bedroom, but few plants can really do you good and improve the quality of air in your bedroom and help you sleep better. There are few kinds of plans that can fit perfect in your bedroom but before you decide to get one you have to know that you have to take care for it.
At the end if you are sure and determined these are some of the plants that are perfect for your bedroom.

Sansevieria or snake plant can be very useful in your bedroom, because it can transform carbon-dioxide in oxygen even during the night.

Aloe Vera is also called the plant of immortality. It has large use in traditional medicine and in cosmetics. It is also amazing addition to your bedroom mostly because of it ability to do the process of photosynthesis even during the night.

Ivy this plant is among the best to place in your living as well as sleeping area. This plant has the ability to absorb harmful formaldehyde from the room and clean the air in your bedroom.

Jasmin smells amazing and it smell has very positive effect on the body and mind especially with people that have sleep problems.

Gardenia smells magical and its soft and pleasant smell is real natural sleeping pill. So if you have sleeping problems think about getting this plant.  PLANTS FOR YOUR BEDROOM TO HELP YOU SLEEP BETTER

Gerbera is a flower with an ability to absorb carbon dioxide as well as other poisonous substances from the air and transforms them to oxygen. This flower is recommended to people that have breathing problems and sleep apnea.

Lavender is best natural remedy for anxiety. It can calm you down, soothe you, lower blood pressure and regulate the pulse. You can keep it closer to your bed in a pot but you can also keep dry lavender in cotton bags all over your bedroom, it will help you sleep better.


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