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Herbs are amazing. Their composition of various substances makes them beneficial for different health conditions that we are suffering of.

Leaves from the bay laurel tree, known as the bay leaves are one of those amazing healthy herbs with amazing benefits for human health. Ancient Greeks were familiar with the healing properties of bay leaves and used them in their traditional medicine. Bay leaves have a lot more uses than as a spice in your kitchen. They are very powerful plant rich in various essential oils perfect in aromatherapy. Bay leaves are also used in traditional medicine to treat respiratory problems as well as treating numerous health conditions.


Experts from this field agree on the claiming that bay leaves can give you an instant relief from anxiety, tension and tiredness, all you need to do is burn them.
The combination of chemicals that can be found in bay leaves will soothe your body and mind once you burn them up. First thing you need to have in mind is to be careful when you are doing this. Find some pot that is resistant to fire and is higher. Place the leaves in the pot and burn them. Place the pot in your living area. Be careful not to fall asleep until all the leaves burn down. When the leaves start to burn your room will fill up with amazing smell that will also affect your condition. BURN BAY LEAVES IN YOUR HOME FOR THESE 3 AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS

  1. The scent of burned bay leaves will instantly wake you up so this is an amazing trick to do when you are tired and sleepy and you have to be awake.
  2. Smell that will fill up the room once you burn the leaves will relax your body, release the tension you have in the muscles and energize you.
  3. Aroma from the bay leaves when burned will also help you with anxiety and mental tension, help you relax and calm down.

Keep inhaling the scent of the bay leaves that is released in your room and it will soon feel like all your worries are lift up and removed from your organism, you are completely cleaned up from all tension energized and ready to move on.


Respiratory problems
Bay leaves stimulate the airways in the respiratory organs and also can help to remove phlegm from the lungs. The best way is to put the leaves in boiling water and inhale the steam.

Allergies and asthma
Essential oil from bay leaves can help soothe allergies as well as asthma symptoms. rub in some oil on fingers and inhale.

With intake of 3 grams of bay leaves a day your blood glucose level will significantly drop, especially in patients with diabetes type 2.

You can add the leaves in your meals or massage your stomach with bay leaves oil and it will stimulate and improve the digestion process.

Joint pain
Oil from bay leaves can also help you remove joint pain simply by massaging it in on the joints. During the time you are treating your joints with this oil add more bay leaves to your diet to have better effects.


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