Diabetes is a disease that is very common among people.  It is a disease that is very hard to be discovered without thorough examination because its symptoms are subtle. If your blood sugar level is seriously high it does not mean that you have diabetes, but it is necessary to react on time and get proper treatment and lower the level of sugar as well as prevent diabetes. Diabetes is very serious disease because it can cause a variety of complications and health conditions and significantly lower the quality of your life. it is not yet clear what the real cause of diabetes is, it is connected with bad diet, exposure to stress, medication as well as some health problems, as well as lack of physical activity. Increased sugar level in the blood does not always mean that you have diabetes, and it is important to know the symptoms so that you can prevent it on time.


Extreme thirst

When blood is stuffed with sugar kidneys find it hard to absorb all the glucose and this process causes dehydration to the body. This situation increases the needs of our body for any kind of liquid as we feel constant and extreme thirst, which is one of the first symptoms of increased blood sugar levels.

Frequent urination
This symptom is linked with the increased intake of water. Because of the enormous amounts of sugar in the blood our body can’t deal with it is dehydrated and constantly lacks water. The increased intake of liquid increases the need for constant urination even during the night. SIGNS YOUR BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL IS DANGEROUSLY HIGH

When the level of blood sugar is rapidly changing our body feels constant need glucose as it main source of energy which results in constant feeling of hunger and craving for food.

Variations in body weight
Significant variations in body weight are very common sign that your blood sugar is very high. This may mean that your body weight can significantly drop as a result of the big amounts of sugar that go away through frequent urination. Your body weight can also rise because constant hunger makes you eat more and it is usually deposits of fat around your belly.

Dehydration and lack of sugar in the body can make you feel weak, exhausted and tired all the time. You can lack energy and even smallest efforts can take all your strength away.

Increased blood sugar level will make you prone to various infections that will bother you all the time.

Blurred vision

Diabetes causes permanent damages on the eyes if it is not treated properly. Increased level of sugar in the blood draws out the water from all body tissues and in the eyes it happens as blurred vision.

Tingling of hands and feet
Increased level of sugar in the blood causes damages of the nerves. This causes loss of feeling, painful burning and tingling in the fingers, hands and feet. If you notice this symptoms contact your doctor fast.

Nerves and concentration problems
High sugar levels cause damages to the nervous system and as a result you may have problems with concentration and lose focus while you are doing something.

Skin problems
Dry and irritated skin and lowered circulation in the skin tissue are common symptom of diabetes. Take proper care for your skin but first try to remove the cause of your skin condition that may be diabetes.

Gum problems
Our organism is prone to infections when the level of sugar in the blood is increased. This means that you will be more exposed to gum infections that may cause bleeding and pus in your mouth that take time to heal even if they are properly treated.

If you are affected with diabetes it may cause fertility problems and if you have problems in this area check your blood count, because increased blood sugar level can be a reason for this problem.

Digestion problems
Constant feeling of hunger and enormous amounts of sugar in your organism can cause digestion problems.

People that have increased level of sugar in the blood have problems with wounds, because their organism is prone to infections and therefore the wounds and cuts need more time to heal than in healthy person.


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