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People around the world are becoming aware about the importance of healthy nutrition. The numerous scientific researches show the direct links food has on our health as well as the diseases that are linked to it as obesity, heart diseases, cancer. It is of great importance for the people to recognize and promote the value of healthy food as the main factor for good health of the body and mind.

So as the healthy nutrition is slowly becoming a trend, there are some sides in the food industry that are making big money by labeling as “healthy” foods that actually are not. Food frauds of this kind are all around us and that is why we need to be careful and read labels when we buy food, because these frauds can make you waste your money on food that will stuff you up with unnecessary calories, sugars and artificial substances that can cause various health complications. So next time you go shopping, think twice before you pick up a “healthy food” of the supermarket shelves.


Granola bars

You can be sure that granola bars that you can buy in the supermarkets or healthy food stores are definitely not as healthy as you think. Check out the pack and read the info on the nutrition facts, and you will see that most of them contain sugar as well as artificial sweeteners that are not supposed to be a part of food that is labeled as healthy.  But if you still cant go without a granola bar the best choice is homemade energy bar, because when you chose the ingredients you can be sure that what you eat is healthy.


Muesli is a perfect choice for a healthy breakfast, but only if it is homemade. It contains cereal, nuts and a dry fruit which is an amazing combination to kick start the day. But you can be sure that most of the muesli of the commercial brands is packed with sugars and artificial added minerals and vitamins. The safest and healthiest choice is to get cereal flakes and soak them overnight and then add nuts and fruits of your choice.


Popcorn is healthy and low calorie meal but only if you prepare it the old-fashioned way. You need the corn and a deeper pan with a lid. Place the pan on medium heat and wait to until it becomes hot and then put in the corn and cover it with a lid. Shake the pan all the time. You will notice when the corn starts to pop, but don’t open the lid and continue shaking the pan. The popcorn that are packed for microwave are full with salt and artificial aromas and tastes and definitely are not healthy choice as well as the one that are already popped and packed.

Whole grain bread

Most of the breads that are sold as whole grain don’t contain whole grain flour. It is simply just bread made out of white flour with added color and aroma. Whole grain bread is not as light and soft as white bread is, so if you want to eat brad made of whole grain cereal it is the best if you make it yourself.

Salad dressing

Salad is healthy and balanced meal. But salad can also be rated as unhealthy if you add it packed dressing or mayonnaise. The salad dressings that are sold in the supermarkets contain salt, artificial substances and a lot of calories. If you want your salad to be a healthy meal, dress it with some lemon and olive oil as you can also add some herbs as a spice to your healthy salad.



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