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Calendula is the very characteristic bright orange flower that is very common in the meadows and fields and gardens in the late spring and during the summer days. It is widely used by the traditional folk medicine for a variety of health disorders.

Calendula is also very beneficial for the skin and it is very important in the production of skin care products, especially for oily and sensitive as well as baby skin. Calendula plant is well known for its health benefits in treating wounds, ulcers and skin inflammations. It can help treating varicose veins mostly because it can improve the blood flow and circulation. Calendula is very effective in prevention and treating scars, as well as burns, especially effective in sunburns. Calendula can help with sensitive skin that is prone to acne as well as dry skin problems as dermatitis or psoriasis. It can treat with yeast infections, hemorrhoids and it can also be effective solution for various kinds of gynecological problems. Calendula is rich in pro vitamin A or beta carotene which is responsible for the bright orange color and holds the most of the health benefits of this plant.


This oil is very beneficial in skin care and treating various health problems and it is very easy to make. First you need to pick calendula flowers as well as few leaves. If you don’t have the flowers in your garden find a field or a meadow that is away from the traffic, that way you will know that the flowers are clean and safe for use. The best time to pick calendula flowers is before noon. Pick only flowers that are in bloom not the buds. Chop the flowers and some leaves with scissors and put them in clean glass jar. Pour cold pressed vegetable oil over the flowers. You can use olive oil, sesame, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds oil. If you have one cup of flowers you need a cup of oil. Cover the jar and store it on a sunny place for 5 weeks. During the time oil is infusing shake the jar from time to time. When the oil is ready sift it through clean gauze and store in clean glass bottle. Keep it in a dark and cold place. Calendula infused oil can oxidize and that way it loses all its healing properties. It is important to check it smell and color before you apply it on the skin.


Calendula oil is perfect for all kinds of swellings and inflammations on the skin. It can also reduce the pain caused by inflammations; it is good for dry skin, eczema and hemorrhoids. You can also use this oil as a safe natural treatment for inflamed and irritated skin on your baby. Calendula oil is good for smaller scratches and cuts on the skin, but be careful DON’T USE IT ON DEEP WOUNDS AND CUTS! Calendula can cause allergic reaction so STOP THE USE IF YOU NOTICE ALLERGIC REACTIONS! Calendula oil is a perfect skin care product. Calendula is very efficient in improving the circulation and therefore it can significantly improve the quality of the skin, reduce wrinkles, redness and all kinds of discolorations. Calendula oil can also be used orally to treat various health problems of the digestive organs. It can help with sensitive stomach, various wounds inside on the stomach, ulcers and similar. Take 2 tablespoons before your meals to treat these conditions. The only condition is to prepare the remedy with oil that is safe for consumption.



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