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Healthy, white and shiny teeth are not just our best accessory. Healthy teeth are very important for the general health of the organism. Every tooth is linked to an organ in our body and very often spoiled tooth is the reason you are suffering from headache, joint pain, heart conditions etc. most of the time the reason you are sick or in pain is hidden in the oral cavity. That is the main reason to take good care of the teeth and their health.


The most important think about tooth care is to watch what you eat. There are some kinds of food that can be beneficial for the health of your teeth as well as other that is extremely harmful. It is important to avoid food that causes spoiling and decay to your teeth, changing their color or harming them in any other way. Other thing that is important is oral hygiene. You need to brush your teeth twice a day, floss them, use proper mouthwash and visit regularly your dentist so that you always have the situation in your mouth in control.


Brushing the teeth requires quality toothpaste. As we all know commercial tooth pastes are packed with toxins such as artificial colors and aromas, sodium fluorides, sulphate, triclosan, glycol etc. there is a way to get healthy toothpaste, because most of the healthy food stores sell various kinds of this healthy tooth pastes. But you can also prepare your own natural and healthy that will cost less than you will spend on it if you are buying it.


To make your own natural toothpaste is very easy and fun. You can engage your kids in the process too. This paste is safe for use by all family members, because it does not contain harmful substances that cause side effects. To prepare this toothpaste you need the following


3 tablespoons of coconut oil

3 teaspoons of baking soda
1 tablespoon of stevia extract or ½  teaspoon of dry stevia leaves.
20 drops of mint essential oil.

How to prepare the paste

Put the coconut oil on low heat to melt down or just to soften a little. The oil needs to be cooled down and then you need to add all the other ingredients in. mix for a while so that baking soda dissolves well. When it is all well homogenized transfer your homemade toothpaste in clean glass jar and it is ready for use.

How to use the paste

The paste is safe to use every day. Everyone is already familiar with the benefits coconut oil and baking soda have for the health of the teeth. By adding stevia extract to the paste you are getting sweet taste which makes the paste great for your kids. Mint essential oil will give the paste great aroma besides disinfection effect that it has. This homemade tooth paste will polish your teeth, remove plaque, improve the health of your teeth and gums, and remove bad breath caused by garlic or onion. It will not make a foam but it will clean your teeth better than any other commercial toothpaste.



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