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Everyone already knows that water is the essential for the health and good shape of the body. Nowadays we are all well informed that it is essential to keep drink at least two liters of water to hydrate your organism and to provide healthy environment for your organs and help them function normally. But even though we know how healthy it is most of us barely manages to drink the necessary amount because they can’t do it or because simply they forget to. Maybe it seems easy but for some people is extremely hard to drink larger amounts of water. Some even experience episodes of sickness, nausea and vomiting because of the water. Well here are few simple tricks that can help you drink more water without problems of any kinds.


Add flavor

Water is flavorless and tasteless. Most people like some flavor or taste to whatever they are drinking. If you add some natural flavor to your water you will get tasty and refreshing calorie free drink that will significantly improve your daily water intake. Try adding different spices, herbs, fruits or vegetables to get as rich as possible taste of your water.

Spicy food

Even if you don’t like spicy food, if you add a pinch of cayenne pepper to your dinner it will make you drink twice more water than you usually do. Spicy food also speeds up the metabolism and the process of burning fats.


Keep the water close to you

Always carry a bottle of water close to you. you will drink water every time you see the bottle and it will prevent dehydration, dry mouth and it will significantly increase the amounts of water you drink in a day.


In the age of smart phones and applications of all kind and purpose, there are applications that will help you drink more water by alarming you every time you need to drink and determine the amount of water you should drink. You can also use simple phone for this, you will only need to set different alarms that will remind you when to drink water.

Take water to the gum

Not just gum, take a bottle of water if you go for a walk, jog, yoga or any other physical activity. Practice drinking few sips of water after every series of exercise. It will hydrate you slowly and help you drink more water.


If you order water instead of a drink in a restaurant you will save significant amount of money and you will hydrate your body. Have in mind that glass of tap water is free in most of the restaurants.

 Eat your daily water needs

There are foods that are rich in water and can replace few glasses of water. You can go with cucumber, melon, celery or easy soup as a replacement for your water requirements.

Water can be appetizer

Drink a glass of water before a meal to replace the appetizer. It will suppress the appetite and help you lose weight. If you practice 5 meals a day you already have a half of your daily water needs completed.

Drink water when you’re out

When you are out with your friends drink a glass of water after a glass of alcohol. Not it will hydrate your organism but it will neutralize the harmful effects of alcohol and prevent hangover.



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