Proteins are one of the most important food groups for the health of human organism. They are the source of energy and regeneration of the body.


Proteins are the nutrients that can keep you full and energized during the day and most of all keep your body healthy. Main components of proteins are amino acids, nutrients with essential benefits for human muscles. There are 20 different amino acids that our body needs so it can function properly, and it can produce only one part of them, and you are the one that has to supply it with the others and the best way is through right kinds of food.Proteins are the main nutrient in the process of muscle regeneration and that is the main reason you need to have them on your daily menu. If you don’t give your body as much protein as it needs it may cause changes in the functioning of the organism and you will start experiencing various symptoms of protein deficiency.


Problems with lack of protein are most common in older people and sportsmen, as well as people that are exposed to stress, are dieting or suffer from stomach diseases. It is also inevitable if you don’t eat protein rich food.Average person that weights around 70 kilograms needs 55 grams of protein a day. You can get your protein from plants, as well as meat, eggs, dairy products.  Proteins are also available in a form of supplements but it is the best to use natural sources and avoid synthetic products.

If you start feeling some of the following symptoms you need to react and supply your body with all needed amounts of protein so it can work normally.


Constant feeling of hunger

It may only be because of your diet but constant feeling of hunger is also a sign that you lack protein in your nutrition. When you are hungry all the time you are in constant reach for something to snack and you just are getting weight while the hunger is always present. You need to enrich your nutrition with protein rich food so that you get rid of the constant hunger and stop storing unwanted kilograms

Muscle pain

If you feel weakness that is commonly followed by very sharp pain in the muscles you need protein rich food right away. Your muscles lack strength because you are not giving them enough fuel and that is the main reason that the pain and weakness are present.

Slow recovery

If you injure yourself your body needs to focus on creating new cells in order to recover. Protein is the main nutrient that helps the regeneration of cells speeds up the recovery.

Skin hair and nail problems

Lack of protein in nutrition often shows on the skin, hair and nails. If your skin is dry and flaky, your nails are breaking and you suffer from increased hair loss then you need to add more protein in your nutrition.

Water retention

Lack of protein in your nutrition may lead to serious and painful condition of retaining liquids in the area of joints and feet. If you experience something like this make sure you increase your protein intake.


Immunity problems

The immune system is based on protein among other things. Lack of protein in your nutrition may lead to serious damages in the immune system and it will increase the risk of virus, bacteria and allergy infections.

Lack of mental strength

If your nutrition is not satisfying your daily needs of protein it may also affect the functioning of your brain. If you feel that your brain is not working right or you feel lack of mental strength, it must be because you need this essential element in your nutrition.



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