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There are people that struggle with weight problems almost all their life. That is mostly because they find it hard to follow certain diet menu, or just healthy nutrition, or are too busy for gum or a simple workout. Those are the main reasons that we can’t win the constant fight with obesity and overweight. Sometimes a cookie or a piece of cake is too tempting and we just surrender to the temptation and wipe away everything that we achieved before. If you by any chance find yourself in this group don’t lose hope. There are ways you can lose weight without even trying; all you need is to follow few simple tips.


Water before a meal

Big glass of water before the meal will fill up your stomach and make you eat less food than usual. Water will also hydrate your organism and improve the digestion. It is essential especially for healthy and shaped body so it is important to know how much water you should drink in order to stay fit.

Simple changes

You will be surprised how much calories you can cut with a few simple changes in your nutrition. Dress your salad with balsamic vinegar or lemon and olive oil instead of salt and fat full dressings that you use daily. Replace dry fruits that contain a lot of sugar with fresh season fruit. Don’t eat fried food, it is healthier to grill, bake or boil the food instead if frying it. HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT REALLY TRYING

Dark chocolate

Cookies, candies, cakes and other sweets can be replaced with a piece of dark chocolate. You may not like it at first but it has less calories than any cookie and it also is health beneficial, so that is reason enough to have it as your favorite desert.

Control your food intake

Put your food in a smaller plate and remove the pot after you served the food that way you will not look at it and you will not want to refill your plate. If you eat the crisps from the bag you can eat the whole bag. Put certain amount you think is sufficient in a bowl and store the rest. This will prevent overeating and help control your weight.


If you don’t have time for gum, you can be active in other ways. You can replace the car with a bike, or elevator with stairs, you can park your car and walk few blocks to your workplace. This kind of activation will give your body all the physical activity it needs and the results will start to show fast.

No empty calories

You are filling your body with empty calories when you eat or drink something that is high in calories and does not have any nutritional value for your organism such as carbonated drinks, packed juices and alcohol. It is easy to stay away from them especially if you know how fast you can lose weight if you do.

Don’t starve

It is always important to eat regularly because if you starve yourself then you will probably eat bigger amounts of food at the first meal you eat. When you starve your body for longer period it will star storing fats right after you start to eat. Eat balanced, small and regular meals, and eat snack every time you feel hunger.

Healthy snacks

You don’t need to cut your snacks or crisps. All you need to do is replace them with healthy snacks. Eat nuts, popcorn or carrots instead of chips. You will be satisfied and also be fit.

Early dinner

Eat your dinner at least 2 hours before you go to bed. It should be light and it will need to be about 25% of your daily food intake. Don’t eat greasy and heavy foods and don’t go to bed right after you ate because your body will store all that you ate since you don’t need energy when you sleep.

Good sleep

6-8 hours of good sleep will help you stay fit and be in good shape. When you are tired your body needs a lot of energy and that is the main reason you feel constant hunger.





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