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Increased level of cholesterol in the blood is a disorder of the modern age and very common among people of all ages. It is a serious health condition that can lead to a variety of diseases if it is not treated on time. That is the main reason we need to recognize and to start treating this condition until it is not too late.

The increased level of the bad cholesterol in the blood is mostly caused by bad nutrition, obesity, lack of physical activity. People that have this disorder in family medical history are also at high risk and it is recommended they care about their health and get regular checkups.


There are no significant symptoms that can show that you suffer from increased cholesterol in the blood and it is necessary to do regular examinations. Symptoms are visible when increased cholesterol starts causing diseases of the cardiovascular system.


Don’t wait for symptoms especially if you are in the risk groups. This condition requires a proper treatment because the cholesterol level is constantly rising if it is not treated properly. Fat deposits start to form on the walls of the blood vessels and their diameter reduces. There is also high risk of complete blockage of the vessels which leads to heart attack or stroke. High cholesterol is the main cause of arteriosclerosis, heart diseases and problems with blood vessels. The big amounts of plaque on the blood vessels can reduce the diameter of the arteries to half, and it is usually manifested with chest pain, weakness, lethargy and similar symptoms.  Smaller pieces of fat on the artery walls can easily slip and cause thrombus.  So to avoid complications it is extremely important to react on time. You need to change your nutrition as soon as you are diagnosed with increased level of cholesterol in the blood. Low fat meat, food rich in omega 3 fatty acids, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as seeds and nuts are the best choice. In most of the cases proper diet helps and stabilizes the level of cholesterol fast.


If nutrition doesn’t help you can also use some of the remedies of folk medicine that can effectively lower the cholesterol. This recipe is one of them, it is effective and easy to make. The remedy can regenerate the damaged cells, clean the blood stream and the digestive tract of toxins and fats and helps lowering the level of cholesterol and promoting healthy blood vessels.

To prepare the remedy you need the following


1 cup of Aloe Vera gel
2 lemons

1 tablespoon of honey
1 tablespoon of spirulina
Some kiwi, pineapple or plums.

How to prepare the remedy

Wash the fruits. Cut and put the lemon in a blender and mix well. Strain the resulting juice. Then squeeze the juice of kiwi (pineapple or plums) and add it in the lemon juice together with spirulina. Add the honey and the aloe Vera gel. Mix it all well until it is all homogenized.


How to use the remedy

Take the remedy at least half an hour before breakfast. You can use it regularly.

Aloe Vera is a plant with amazing benefits on human health. Together with lemons honey and spirulina you will get a drink with powerful benefits that will reduce your cholesterol level and also energize your whole organism and boost up the health of every cell of your body.



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