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There is not a human being on this earth that doesn’t want to remain young. But that is almost impossible as the time passes we just age and the process brings a variety of visual symptoms. Age usually shows on the hair, as our hair starts to lose the natural color and slowly turns to gray. The skin is also very affected with the process of aging.

There are various lines, age spots and discolorations that appear almost any place on the skin. The teeth color and strength also changes. The process of aging changes our whole body from the outside as well as from the outside. Conditions like memory problems, anxiety and similar are most usual results of aging. And no, don’t think that you can stop this process; we will all age at the end. But there are ways to slow this process down and minimize some of it symptoms. The best thing you can do is improve your nutrition and eat food that has positive effects and avoid the one that is hazard to your health. There are various foods that can significantly slow down the aging process. But there is also the other group that can speed up this process and it is the best to stay away from it.




There are varieties of yogurts that contain a lot of sugar. Industry uses sugar to improve the taste of yogurt. If you use a lot of sugar your skin will ruin because it will become dry and lose it ability to produce collagen. Dry skin is more sensitive and prone to formation of lines and age spots.


Replace your lemonade with infused waters. They are light and fresh, smell nice and have no calories. Lemon contains acids that harm the enamel of your teeth. Almost every one of us adds sugar to lemonade. High amounts o sugar are harmful for your body and health as well as for your skin. There are many great ideas for flavored waters using various fruits, vegetables and herbs. Try one with ginger, parsley, cucumber and lemon. It will hydrate your skin and hydrated skin stays young longer.


Coffee can significantly change the color and the condition of your teeth. It contains tannin that is the main reason your teeth are becoming yellow. Replace your coffee with some smoothie or with green tea which has almost the same effect as coffee. If you can’t resist this tasty and aromatic drink, drink it along with your food because it will reduce it harmful effect on your teeth.


Processed meat like bacon, prosciutto, and salami are packed with salt. If you eat these kinds of food often they may cause your skin to dehydrate. This means that your skin will lack water and also collagen because dehydrated skin is not able to produce collagen. Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day, especially if you often enjoy these kinds of processed meat.   But it will be better to stay away from them especially if you are in the 40’s.

White wine

Alcohol causes unbearable damages to ones organism. It dries the area in the oral cavity, lower the level of saliva and can cause caries and spots on teeth. Alcohol can also dry the skin and form wrinkles. Not just white wine, all alcohol causes damages to our body, but if you can’t stay away from it chose a glass of red wine instead of white once a week not more.




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