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They are probably spring favorite fruit and besides being tasty they are also very healthy. Strawberries are fruits low in sugar. They are almost 90% in water; therefore about 150 grams of strawberries contain only 30 calories. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, folate, potassium and manganese.

This fruit has amazing benefits for our health and there are so many reasons to have them on your menu every day. This tasty fruit with amazing aroma can be a part of your breakfast cereal, perfect addition to your pancakes; you can make lemonade, add them to your salad or eat them on their own.  However you decide to use them here are some of the amazing health benefits of these amazing fruits.


Source of youth

Strawberries are it the top 5 group of fruits with highest level of antioxidants. They have the ability to protect the body from free radicals, which are considered as main causes of various diseases. Free radicals are also linked to premature aging which can be prevented with regular consumption of this tasty fruit.


Tasty source of vitamin C

Believe it or not strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges. Vitamin C is essential for strong immune system as well as the health of the arteries. Vitamin C is also essential for proper functioning of adrenal glands, which regulate the level of adrenaline, adrenal and cortisol, hormones and steroids that have important role in healthy functioning of the human organism.

Natural blood sugar level regulator

Increased level of sugar in the blood can cause sudden mood swings, obesity and increase the risk of diabetes. Just 130 grams of fresh strawberries a day can regulate and keep in control the level of sugar in the blood. This is because of the ability of strawberries to slow the digestion of carbohydrates and reduce sudden changes of sugar and insulin levels in the blood.

Strawberries work against inflammations

Various studies confirmed that the strawberries have amazing anti inflammatory properties and can also act as a natural sedative. This means that strawberries can help in soothing inflammations of any kinds in the body and help remove the pain. They also can lower the level of CRP in the blood.

Memory booster

Strawberries contain more than 25 different anthocyanins. They are responsible for the bright color of the fruit but they can also boost your memory. Science says that regular use of strawberries in just two months can strengthen memory by high 100%.

Cancer prevention

Another scientifically proved benefit of strawberries is the ability to act anti cancer. Strawberries are rich in flavonoids, group of antioxidants that are powerful anti cancer agents. They help the body to stop the formation of cancer cells, prevent their multiplying and growth.


Strawberries are fruit that can cause allergies. They are very common especially among children. People that are allergic to other fruits can also develop strawberry allergies. Markets are also overflow with strawberries that are full with pesticides, which makes them health harming.



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