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Healthy teeth are what we all want. Teeth are linked to organs in our body and healthy teeth mean healthy organs. White healthy teeth are your best accessory and it is so easy to keep them that way. All you need to do is regular hygiene and food that boosts the health of your teeth.


There are foods that can extremely harm your health, speed up their decay and ruin the enamel. Sugar in all forms and juices are the most familiar teeth enemies. White bread can also be one food to stay away from if you want healthy teeth. But there is also another group of foods that can boost up the health of your teeth and you need to have them on your menu.


Tofu is food rich in calcium and phosphorus, two minerals that are essential for teeth health.

Milk and dairy products

They are also rich in calcium and phosphorus and some of the dairy products can balance the pH in the oral cavity. But milk and dairy products are also rich in animal based protein so you need to limit their use in favor of your health.


Sesame seeds

These seeds are rich in calcium and that is what your teeth need. Sesame will also soothe inflammations and infections, strengthen the enamel and prevent plaque. You can add it to your cereal, yogurt, salad, or pastry. It will be more beneficial if you grind it before use, that way it will be easier for your body to use all the beneficial nutrients from the seeds.


This spice has the ability to kill half of the bacteria in the oral cavity as well as the once that cause bad breath. Cinnamon is good to prepare tea; you can add it in the cereal as well as use cinnamon essential oil to rinse the oral cavity.


This herb soothes inflammations and pain in the gums and it will also give you fresh breath. Add it as spice to your food or prepare a tea.


This is a plant has powerful effect for the gums. Prevents inflammations and can efficiently stop gum bleeding as well as clean your teeth. Rosemary tea is good option, you can use it as a mouth wash and add it to your food as spice.


Chamomile soothes inflammations and infections of the oral cavity and tea will be good option for you.

Bay leaves

Bay leaves are used to whiten the teeth and removing dark spots and it also has amazing anti bacterial properties.


Carrots contain vitamin A that helps tooth enamel production. Fresh carrots require strong teeth to chew them and the process stimulates the production of saliva that helps the digestion. Vitamin A deficiency can cause serious problems with teeth health.


Garlic has amazing anti bacterial properties and can help with inflammations and bacteria and it can also be used to whiten the teeth. You can get the best of garlic for your teeth if you use it fresh.


It is good for gum inflammation and it is natural breath freshener. You can add chopped parsley to almost all your food, drink parsley tea or chew fresh parsley leaves to fresh up your breath.


This vegetable has fiber structure and it can clean your teeth even in places that your tooth brush can’t reach. Celery also neutralizes bacteria in oral cavity and prevents caries.


These berries can prevent plaque formation and caries but only if you use them fresh. Dry cranberries contain a lot of sugar so be careful with them.


Tasty berries that contain enzyme same as whitening tooth pastes. They also are rich in fiber and vitamin C that eliminate bacteria that cause bad breath and gum diseases.


It is rich in vitamins and minerals that provide us with healthy teeth and beautiful smile. It also cleans the enamel and prevents plaque and the acids that apple contains can whiten the teeth and remove spots from them. But to prevent reverse effect a glass of water after an apple is recommended.


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