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When the spring comes we are all worried about our appearance and all trying to find the fastest way to slim down until summer comes. Nicely shaped beach body is what everyone wants but for some of us this dream is harder to get than for others.

Some people try hard but they just can’t lose weight. This happens because of various reasons, and very often because you just don’t drink enough water. Well when we are on the subject, some people just can’t drink as much water as they should. But this problem can also be solved. There are few recipes for flavored water based drinks that can help you drink as much water as you should and lose weight at the same time. These drinks are beneficial for your health as well as for your body condition and they are tasty at the same time, so you will not have difficulties drinking them.


All these are water based drinks that don’t contain a lot of calories and that are refreshing and at the same time powerful fat burners.

Cucumber Lime, Ginger Water

You need a lemon, a lime, cucumber, 12 mint leaves, teaspoon of grinded ginger and a liter of water. Wash all ingredients. Make sure they are all organic so you can use them with peels. Grind the ginger and cut cucumber, lemon and lime in thin slices. Put all the ingredients in a glass jar. Add the mint leaves and pour in the water. Place the jar in the fridge and keep it overnight so the water infuses. Drink a glass of this water 3 times a day half an hour before a meal. Regular use of this drink will help you slim down and burn all extra fat especially in the stomach area. This drink will also keep you fresh and significantly improve your immunity.

Simple Ginger Water

Slice thin pieces of ginger root and place them in a thermos. Pour over boiling water to fill up the thermos. Cover it and take it with you during the day. Drink this half hour before a meal.  This simple ginger water is very effective and it can help you lose a lot of weight very fast. Ginger is very common ingredient in almost every healthy diet because it works perfect in stimulating digestion and burning fats. According to scientific studies ginger can speed up your metabolism by almost 20 % as well as help elimination of toxins from the body.


“Sassy” Water

Another easy to make water based drink that is powerful fat burner. You need 8 glasses of water, cucumber, lemon, 12 mint leaves and teaspoon of grinded ginger. Wash the vegetables and slice them in thin slices. Grind the ginger and put all the ingredients in a bigger glass jar. Pour in 8 glasses of water. Let it in fridge to infuse overnight and drink it the next day.

This drinks will jump start your weight loss. But you probably know by now that all these drinks are not miracles and you will have to adopt a healthy and balanced nutrition and engage in some kind of physical activity if you want to see fast results.



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