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Benefits of pomegranate are great we all know about the forbidden fruit and its health benefits for human health. Pomegranate is very healthy fruit that can help with variety of health problems as blood pressure, sexual malfunction, immunity etc, because it contains high level of antioxidants.

But not just the seeds are beneficial, pomegranate peel also has amazing health benefits so make sure you don’t throw it away next time you are peeling this fruit. Carefully wash it and let it dry somewhere cold and dry and store it in a proper container.


Benefits of Pomegranate peel is considered one of the most powerful natural remedies that can successfully and fast treat almost all kinds of stomach problems and infections. It is especially recognized and used by the doctors of Russian alternative medicine. Their method of treating stomach problems is easy and effective and most important safe to use in your home.

Benefits of pomegranate

How to treat diarrhea, colitis and bacterial infections with pomegranate peel

First you need to prepare the tea. Need’s 10 grams of dry pomegranate peels and a glass of boiling water (200 ml). You need a glass that should be warmed up. You can warm it up in a microwave oven or any way you find proper. Then put the pomegranate peels in the glass and pour them over with 200 ml of boiling water. Cover the glass and let it stand for half an hour.

You don’t have to strain the tea, simply drink a half of the tea and cover the glass with the remaining tea again. If you start feeling better in 10 minutes, you probably were affected with simple common diarrhea and your treatment is over. If you don’t feel improvement in this period you are probably dealing with dysentery, cholera, typhus, salmonellosis and you need to stay at home and after 3 hours drink the remaining tea. You will feel better in about two hours after you drank the remaining tea.

How to treat stomach ulcer in a week using pomegranate peel

You can use pomegranate peels to get rid of stomach ulcers, colitis, appendix inflammation, and other disorders of the intestine. Cook the tea as described above and then drink 25 ml in the morning on empty stomach, then another 25 ml after 3-4 hours and then another 25 ml after 3-4 hours and the last 25 ml before you go to sleep. you need to repeat this treatment every other day and in 7 days you will feel a lot better. You can repeat the treatment after 7 day break.

You need to be careful what you eat during this treatment and don’t use alcohol because it can cause serious complications.


Every single natural remedy does not have similar effect on every person. If you feel doubts about using some natural treatment in your home talk to your doctor first.



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