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Flat and tight stomach and perfect waist line is every girl’s dream. But we all want to get to that goal as effortless as possible. It will be easier for you to get a flat stomach if you are submitted to some kind of a healthy lifestyle but there are also few cheating ways to “hide” those fatty extras around your belly.


If you are not giving your body enough water it will start to store it around your belly and waist. This will also make you look fatter than you are. Your body needs around 2 liters of water a day, make sure you give it all it needs.


You need pro-biotic every time you feel your stomach is not working as it usually does. They will speed up, stimulate and improve the digestion proves and balance the digestive flora especially if you are suffering from bloating and gas.


Go to the bathroom

This is very normal thing although it may sound awkward. Don’t postpone the need to go to the bathroom, because you will disturb the balance of your organism. By postponing the need to go to the bathroom your brain will start ignoring this signals and you will increase the risk of bloating and constipation.

Chew your food

Make sure you chew the bite up to ten times before you swallow it. The food you did not chew well will be harder to digest which will affect your organism. If you eat fast you also swallow big amounts of air which causes bloating.

No gum

Chewing gum makes you swallow a lot of air while you are chewing it so it causes bloating. Don’t chew gums if you are trying to get flat belly you always wanted.

Stand straight

When your body is in straight posture you will look nicer and thinner. No matter what your shape is if you are standing straight your belly muscles will seem more toned and nicer.

Take a walk

Just 30 minutes of walking or any similar activity during the day can rapidly improve your metabolism and speed up burning fats.


Your body needs proper rest so that it can be healthy. If you are exposed under constant stress and you are overtired there is a increased risk of releasing stress hormones and steroids. When the level of these hormones in the blood is increased, the chances of storing fats especially in the stomach area are higher.

Therefore relax and take it all slow. You didn’t stuffed those fat deposits around your belly overnight so it will take more time to set your body free of them. Eat smart and do regular workout, and following these simple tips it will all be easier.



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