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If you are a fan of traditional folk’s medicine you probably already heard about the health benefits of onions. This vegetable has been used for cooking for ages. It is also a part of many natural remedies, especially those for cold and flu and garlic is also a powerful natural remedy that can neutralize the harmful effect of tobacco smoke.

But onion has another specific use in folk medicine and that is a therapy that involves applying onions on your feet before you go to bed. Believe it or not this is true. Onions has the unique power to clean the body of bacteria, clean the toxins and chemicals from the organism dragging them out through the feet. Onions contain phosphoric acid that can get in the blood and completely clean it of toxins. So if you are a little intrigued than this is what the treatment is about:

Before you go to sleep apply few pieces of onions on your feet and put on your socks. You can attach the onions with gauze or foil. While you are sleeping onions will do a variety of jobs that are beneficial for your health.


Cleans the blood

When phosphoric acid starts to work it slowly passes through the skin inside the body and helps to clean the blood while you are sleeping.

Kills bacteria

Put onions in your socks before going to sleep. Onions has a variety of anti viral and anti bacterial properties so it can effectively deal with virus and bacteria.

Good for the heart

If you place the onions in your bra or any upper part of the body it can keep the heart healthy and protect it from any heart disease.

 Onions under the toes

Place some onion under your toes and it will effectively soothe sinus problems, as well as ear infections as well as pain and stiffness in the neck.

For stomach and kidneys

Placing the garlic on the center part will help you solve stomach problems and infections as well as any kind of kidney disorder.


Apply the onion in the area of the heel before you go to sleep. This will soothe and permanently solve all bladder problems.

For bad smell

Slices of onions placed on your feet will also set you free of disgusting smell on your feet.

Cold and flu

Apply slices of onions on your feet to soothe symptoms of flu and cold.


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