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It is amazing how many new stories we hear every day about how someone found a way to defeat cancer on its own. Nature is amazing and there are so many ways that it shows us how efficient its products are. Reading all these successful stories makes us realize that human body truly is a miracle and it can regenerate and renew completely, we only need to give it the right kind of ingredients.

A lot of scientific researches that study cancer and ways to treat it give amazing kinds of ideas to the people that are affected to try different approach in treating this vicious disease. One study noted that cancer is a kind of a yeast infection that appears when the body is too acidic. It feeds with refined sugars that help it grow and spread and the best way to treat it is to alkalize your body.  That worked for this man!



His story is really amazing and inspiring. He left hospital with a diagnosis fourth stage prostate cancer. Doctors predicted him few months but he said that it took only few weeks to heal himself.

His stage 4 prostate cancer was also spread on the bones, but after some conversations with people around him he decided not to use conventional treatments, but to try alternative methods against cancer instead. His son introduced him with the study that found cancer will not grow in alkaline surrounding and he knew that he needed to alkalize his organism fast. He found about the alternative method with baking soda and maple syrup and decided to try. But as maple syrup was not available to him he replaces it with molasses. He was decided to remove the caner from his body before it kills him.

He even started a journal about his anti cancer treatment. To get rid of the cancer and to increase the pH of the organism he used baking soda and molasses treatment along with a diet based on alkaline ingredients, sunlight and breathing exercises.

The treatment is mainly based on a simple drink of 2 tablespoons of baking soda and a teaspoon of molasses (or maple syrup) dissolved in a cup of water. You need to drink this few times a day. It is recommended to use warm or at least water that is on room temperature.

This really works because cancer is feeding on sugar. Molasses or maple sugar is used as bate to attract the cancer cells. As the sugar goes inside of the cancer cell it releases the baking soda, which shocks the cell with the amount of alkaloids. They start to alkalize and oxygenize and in time the cancer cells are destroyed. The alkaline diet works in favor of this treatment because it also raises the pH of the organism which lowers the chances of cancer cells to feed and grow. Breathing exercises supply the organism with higher amount of oxygen that will further ruin cancer cells.

After a check up, his doctor revealed that his stage four prostate cancer and bone cancer completely disappeared from his body.

It is amazing and inspiring when we hear about stories like this. It gives strength and hope that every disease has a way to be treated. Nature really gives us amazing ways to heal and recover our body. And the important thing is that we should not get back to the old habits that we had before the disease stroke. We need to keep on following the healthy path.



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