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Coffee is very important thing to a lot of us, especially in the morning. Most of us are probably used to the thought that there is no way to wake up and start the day without a cup of this amazing fragrant liquid. A lot of us have no idea that it can cause serious side effects. There are a lot of those that know that it is bad but still they refuse to give up on their mourning routine.

Coffee contains caffeine that can be counted as some kind of stimulant for the nervous system, and as such it can cause addiction when it is used in big amounts. Coffee stimulates the brain to feel like it is full of energy and that is what is causing us to think we can’t go without it. And it also makes us want more and more coffee, because the “good” feeling quickly disappears.

Coffee can really help you wake up and start your day faster but if you start drinking too much, especially on empty stomach, coffee can cause serious health conditions.


Increased secretion of gastric acid

If you are drinking your coffee on empty stomach, you are making your digestive system produce higher amounts of gastric acid. This is very dangerous situation mainly because increased level of gastric acid can cause ulcers, gastritis and irritations as well as gastric reflux. If you are not willing to give up on your mourning routine, at least eat something before you drink the coffee, it will be less harmful then.  And stick to one to two cups a day, never go over that limit.

Colon cancer risk

Big amounts of caffeine can cause serious problems to the process of digestion and digestive organs.  Caffeine causes problems in the process of protein absorption and it results in bloating, irritated stomach and inflamed intestine. If you are passionate coffee drinker you need to know that every cup of coffee on empty stomach is increasing the risk of colon cancer mostly because of these irritations in the digestive organs and increased level of gastric acid. There are other drinks that can help you wake up and they will not cause any harmful side effects. Try green tea, lemon water or some fresh squeezed juice instead. These drinks will also lower cancer risk.


Coffee on empty stomach raises the level of stress hormone known as cortisol. When the level of this hormone is increased your emotions are all negatively intense. You are jumpy, irritated and nervous all the time. Stress can also cause increased heart rate, headaches, irritated skin and similar side effects. To reduce the bad effects of caffeine replace the coffee with herbal tea or fruit juice, but if you still can t go without your mourning drink eat something first and limit the daily doses on maximum 2 cups.



Coffee raises the level of cortisol but from the other side it lowers the level of hormone serotonin- the hormone of happiness. When human body lacks this hormone the risk of depression is increased, as well as the risk of other mental diseases. If you drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day your body will become addicted to caffeine and it will not produce serotonin at least you give it more coffee and more coffee. this is the main reason coffee makes you happy, your body is addicted to it and when you drink it you got that instant boost of happiness and energy that will drop very soon after.


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