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It happens to all of us when you are so desperate in trying to lose weight and it just is not working. The diets are not working; any diet plan is just not successful. This may just be a result of lazy metabolism, but don’t worry it is a problem that can easily be fixed.

Metabolism is very important for normal functioning of the organism. It is responsible for providing all needed energy and nutrients to the body. If it is not fast enough, your body will not get the nutrients on time and it will not function normally. It will result in storing extra weight, lack of energy and immunity problems. Speeding up your metabolism is something you need to do if you want normal, healthy and full of energy body.  You can do this very easy; you only need to adopt few simple habits.


Arrange your meals

It is very important to have meals that are arranged right so that your body will equally arrange the energy it gets. If you eat irregular meal your body will not use the energy, it will store it. Smaller meals on every 3-4 hours are the best option for right meal plan.


Go for water

It is important for the body to be hydrated so it can be healthy. If you don’t supply it with enough water it will stop burning calories and focus on renewing the supplies of liquid. Drink as much water as you can, never go under 8 glasses a day. If you can’t drink that much water you can go for herbal tea, but unsweetened. High quality green tea is good choice for boosting up the metabolism.

You need milk

Milk is packed with calcium, a mineral that is included in the process of digestion. It speeds up the metabolism and the process of burning fats.


No matter what kind of physical activity you choose, it will have positive effect on the metabolism. Walking, running, gum or maybe even dancing will regulate and speed up your metabolism. That will also help if you want to lose weight and build up muscles.

Wake up early

Sunlight has positive effect on nature as well as human body. If you wake up early your body will regulate it natural processes and you will be fresh and full of energy. Sunlight has also pleasant effects on the metabolism.

Your body needs carbs

Human body needs all kinds of nutrients so that it can be healthy. It also needs carbs as other kinds of nutrients, so don’t remove them from your nutrition. When human body lacks carbs, it can’t produce serotonin, you will be more exposed to stress and it can also affect normal functioning of the brain. It is true that if you remove carbs from your nutrition, you will lose weight, but not fats, just water.

Throw away the snacks

Human body gets energy from the food we eat and it lasts for about 4 hours. After that period the body starts to burn the stored fats so that is can provide energy. If you are addicted to snacks like crisps and candy and you are constantly chewing something you will not allow the body to burn the stored amounts.

Eat smart

Food that is genetically modified treated with antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and similar means will not help you to speed up your metabolism. It will also harm your general health. Eat food that is organic, to keep your body healthy and it can function right.

You need iodine

Iodine has important role for healthy thyroid. The condition of this gland is also linked to the condition of the metabolism. The best way to get enough of this mineral is through kitchen salt that is enriched with iodine.

Level of iron in the blood

If you have iron deficiency your body will not get enough oxygen and it is directly linked to slow metabolism and general condition of your body. If you suffer from this condition, you need food that is rich with this mineral.

Protect yourself from stress

Stress has negative effects on human health. it causes several disorders, among them it directly affects the condition of the thyroid. When this gland is not working right it slows down the metabolism. Look for the most effective ways to protect your organism from stress and all the negative effects that it can cause to your health.



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