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Mouth ulcers are small white and very painful lesions that appear on the mucosa parts in the oral cavity. They are almost followed with intense pain in the affected areas. Mouth ulcers have the ability of spontaneous appearing and disappearing so they cannot be listed as autoimmune disease.


It is not quite clear yet what are the causes of mouth ulcers, but science is linking them with few conditions. They can appear as a result of lack of vitamins and minerals in the nutrition, immunity problems, stress, exhaustion, anemia, allergies, poor circulation, metabolite and hormonal disorders and use of certain medication. There are also other claims that mouth ulcers can be a result of genetics. Some women notice appearance of ulcers in the second half of the menstrual cycle, but science can’t determine and clear this yet. Mouth ulcers also form as a side effect of some diseases of the digestive system, because the absorption of vitamins and minerals is limited. Ulcers can be smaller than a centimeter and can be recidive. They are small but rather painful and they are usually caused with any health disorder. The big ulcers are side effects of high temperature and joint pain. They are not painful but they heal slowly and can leave a scar.  Ulcers in the mouth can be herpetyform. They usually form under the tongue and are form of bigger amounts of smaller cells. They cause intense pain and can last up to 2 weeks.



Few days before ulcer appears you will feel intense tingling and itching. If you are prone to them start the treatment right away. Medicine has a lot to offer in treating these problems, but if you don’t suffer from secondary complications it is not necessary to use any kind of medicaments. Given the fact that ulcers appear as a result of immunity problems you may want to add iron, B12 and folate rich foods to your daily menu. There are also few natural home remedies that can help you relive the mouth ulcer symptoms and heal them fast and naturally.

Baking soda

Mix some baking soda and water in a paste and apply it directly on the ulcer using clean ear bud. Let it dry on the spot and rinse. Baking soda will remove the itching and disinfect the ulcer. It can also help to heal faster. Repeat until you feel necessary.

Hydrogen peroxide

Add a tablespoon of 20% hydrogen peroxide, and teaspoon of baking soda and sea salt in 100 ml of warm water. Mix until it all dissolves. Use the liquid to gargle in your mouth for 30 seconds and then spill out. Repeat this few times a day.


It is nature’s powerful antibiotic that can help you with mouth ulcers. Apply propolis on ear bud and press it over the ulcer and hold it for a while. Propolis will cover the ulcer and prevent bacterial infection as well as help it heal faster.


There are different kinds of tea that can also help you with this problem. Chamomile and sage tea can soothe pain and speed up healing, while green and black tea can prevent further inflammations and complications. Gargle the tea for some time every time you feel necessary.



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