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Spring is at our doorstep and it is the perfect time to complete cleaning of the body of staffed waste and toxins that are stuffed all year long. We already spoke of the signals that body sends when it needs detoxifying. If your body shows these signs then it is time to clean and refresh it.

Toxins have various ways to get to our organism no matter how hard we try to protect ourselves.  They are all over in the air, in the food in our living area. Winter is the time when we eat less fresh food and exercise less so the body is more exposed to toxins.  This also disables the organs like liver and kidneys to function normally and makes the body prone to diseases.

When you decide it is time to do the complete body clean up you will need a detox plan. These are the best foods that will help you clean the body.




We already know that water is so important to our health. Proper amounts of water will help all the body functions. Water will wash your body from the inside and help expelling all the toxins.  Read about what will happen if you drink water on empty stomach.


Fresh pineapple is one of the best foods for complete body detox.  It contains bromelain which is a powerful enzyme with anti inflammatory properties with powerful properties for digestive system and metabolism. Pineapple is also rich source of manganese, mineral that has a lot to do with boosting up the mood, especially when the hormones are raging, in the period of PMS.

Leafy green and berry smoothie

Smoothies and shakes are amazing and tasty way to give your body very big amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Mix leafy greens as kale, spinach or any of your choice with any kind of berries. Leafy green vegetable is full of chlorophyll while berries contain antioxidants. They prevent toxins and free radicals to harm the body.

Green tea

Green tea leaves are packed with polyphenols and antioxidants. They speed up the process of removing toxins and speed up the metabolism. Regular use of green tea along with exercise can significantly speed up the process of fat removing from the stomach area.


Curry is a mixture of variety of spices with turmeric as the main ingredient. Curry has amazing anti inflammatory properties and also helps the production of antioxidants that protect the liver. There are so many ways to use curry. You can add it to your meals, salads and drinks. It will give amazing taste to eggs and chicken.


Cabbage consists mainly of water. it is powerful natural diuretic which can help to expel water and toxins of the body. Nitrogen and sulfur that cabbage contains improve the process of water expelling. Cabbage is full of dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins A, C, D as well as folate.


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