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We can feel the spring slowly coming. When the flowers and the trees start to bloom the concentration of pollen in the air will be in very high levels. This flower powder causes the so called spring or pollen fever that is followed with sneezing and runny nose. It is very intriguing how big is the number of people that suffer from season allergies and how rapidly it increases every year.


The cause of spring allergies is the pollen. When the concentration of pollen in the air is high it is easier for it to enter usually in someone’s nose. The immune system detects it as an attacker and activates the defense mechanism. The fight between the allergen and the immune system releases histamine in the blood that causes the allergic reaction. The reaction of human organism to allergens is so intense but science still does not have the answer why. It is supposed that it has to do with genetics or certain environmental factors.


Alternative medicine from the other side, blames different factors as causes of allergies. It is believed that main causes of allergies are sick liver, weak immune system, bad nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle as well as emotional problems.


No matter how helpless you may seem in the moment when the allergy strikes you are not. There is a way to protect you, suppress the symptoms and even heal the allergies. You just need few simple improvements in your life and it is all.

Spring clean your body

Before the spring comes clean your body out of toxins that it is storing through the year. Body detoxification will prevent premature aging as well as a lot of diseases. Chose your detox plan and complete it. You will feel a lot better, you will lose weight and remove toxins and you will be energized and ready for spring.

Boost your immunity

If your immunity is weakened your body is not able to defend itself from anything that attacks it and even a small harmless thing can cause big problems. Boost your immunity before spring comes. There are so many natural remedies, drinks and products that can help you with it.

Improve your nutrition

Bad nutrition is the root of many diseases and allergies also. You need to be careful what you put on a plate if you want to be healthy. You need a lot of vitamins and minerals which means that fresh fruits and vegetables need to have center place in your menu.

Get air cleaner

This is a gadget that you must have especially if you are allergic to stuff. Air cleaner contains few filters that have even 99% of detaining the harmful allergens from the air. If your cleaner has ionizer it will further improve the quality of the cleaned air.


We said that nutrition is important. Smoothies are excellent way to add to your nutrition ingredients that you need in your daily menu. This smoothie is amazing because it has the positive effect on spring allergies and it can help you soothe the symptoms. It is recommended to use it daily and it is very simple and easy to prepare.

What you need to prepare the smoothie is

Thumb size piece of ginger root,

½ of lemon with the skin,

4 cm slice of pineapple,

and an apple.

Put it all in a blender and mix until it becomes nice thick drink. You can add it some water or ice. It is up to you.


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