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Some of you that are constantly struggling with weight may have noticed that as older you get it is harder to lose weight. But this does not mean that you have to give up. Shape up your will and check out these useful tips that will surely help you if you are dedicated and determined to get to the goal.

Check out your weight every day

Keep your scale somewhere available and check out your weight every day. This will remind you that you need to lose weight and you will remain focused to the problem.

Drink water as much as you can

Drinking water will improve the functioning of your metabolism and remove toxins as well as keep your body hydrated. It is the key to good health and ideal body weight.


Stay away from processed food

There is one simple rule, especially for everyone that is over 40: everything that is processed and well packed does not belong on your plate.

Sweet drinks are bad for you

You can eat a piece of cake or a cookie every now and then, but don’t stuff your body with sugars that come from juices. Keep in mind that sugar free versions contain artificial sweeteners that are even more harmful than sugar.

Get good sleep

If you want to look good you need your 7 to 8 hours beauty sleep. The key to good sleep is good bed that is placed on good side of the room and shatters on the windows.


If you think that you can lose weight sitting on your sofa you are so wrong. No drink, diet or weight loss plan will help you unless you are not engaged in some form of physical activity. Start practicing some sport, run or just walk. It will help you achieve your goal faster and you will feel more energized and stronger.

Salad is good for you

You may not like the taste of salad but you need to know that your body loves it. leafy green vegetables are full of quality dietary fiber that are essential for weight loss. They are packed with vitamins and minerals and all that with just few calories.

Keep fish, fruits and vegetables on your menu

This is the key to healthy and good looking body. Eating these kinds of foods will energize you and provide you with quality nutrients with low calorie intake.

Ignore the science

We are overloaded with scientific discoveries every day. Some say something is good for you, others say it is not. Try ignoring the science. If you feel good after a glass of wine drink it. it doesn’t matter whether it will help you lose weight or not.

Don’t go over one drink

This may be harder to those that are used to it but if you make a limit and stick to it, soon one glass will be enough. Alcohol is very high in calories.

You don’t have to feel guilty

You don’t need to feel guilty if you ate or drank something you should have not. Life is too short for those kinds of regrets. Try to admit to yourself that you made a mistake and try harder not to the next time.

Determine your weight limit

It is important to determine your maximum weight and when you notice that you are close to it start dieting immediately.

Don’t go to supermarket hungry

It is strange but it works. If you are hungry while buying food you will buy a lot of things you don’t need. Eat a healthy and nutritious meal before you go to the supermarket, you will bring just the things you need back home.

Throw away all the unhealthy food from your house

The easiest way to avoid crisps is to throw them away of your house. Some of us are not that strong so that they can eat a carrot while looking at chips.

Make more small changes

It is easier to adopt few smaller changes than one big. If you drink your coffee with milk, start using low fat milk. Replace your cream cheese with sour milk that is lower in calories. It will be easier and it will work.




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