Human body needs sugar to function normally and to be healthy. But a lot of us eat way too many more sugar than the daily needs of the organism are. When you start to eat too much sugar the body starts changing and it starts showing on your body. If you watch carefully your body will tell you that you are stuffing it with too much sugar and if when you notice the signs you will need to lower the amounts you are eating and get your organism back on track.


Constant tiredness

If you are constantly tired the level of blood sugar is going up and down constantly. A lot of us reach for sweets in moments we are tired thinking that it will give us the energy to overcome the tiredness. This habit is the key of the oscillations of the sugar levels. If you decide to stop eating sugar it will take your body few days to adjust and then you will start feeling like you have much more energy without sugar.


Cravings for sweets

Sugar causes addiction. The more you eat the more you want because your body and brain are addicted to it. If you decide to remove refined sugar and artificial sweeteners from your nutrition, your craving for sweets will lower and you will start enjoying natural sweet things like fruits.

Skin problems

Big amounts of sugar can cause big problems with your skin. Your skin loses the normal balance it is becoming dry and irritated or is covered with acne. Your skin shows best the condition of your organism so if your skin problems don’t stop, then it is time to check how much sugar you eat.

Episodes of depression and anxiety

Higher amounts of sugar can cause mood swings like anxiety and depression. Sugar causes oscillations in the mood and feelings. Big amounts of sugar can cause stress and can also blur the mind that can result with inability to think clear and make decisions. This can change only if you get rid of this habit and completely clear your organism of sugar.


Too much sugar can cause immunity drop. If you are a victim of constant colds it is probably because of the high amounts of sugar you are eating. Clean up your body and you will improve your immunity and your organism will be able to fight with diseases ad defend itself.


Body fat accumulates as a result of big amounts of sugar you eat and not because of greasy food. If your nutrition is full with sugar and refined carbohydrates it will result with overweight. When you are trying to lose weight low calorie plans that have carbohydrates included will not be of much help. You will see improvement if you just stay away from sugars for few weeks.


Eat regular meals. When you eat regular meals there is less chance of drop in sugar levels and you will not crave any sweets.

Eat unprocessed food. Food that is close to it natural shape contains lower amount of unrefined sugar.

Detoxify your organism. When your organism beats the sugar addiction it will be easier to live without sugar.

Eat protein rich breakfast. When you eat protein for breakfast it will lower the cravings for sweets during the day.

Use spices. Spices like coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and cardamom will give natural sweetness to your food and it will lower the wish for sugar.

Exercise.  It will lower tension, increase your energy and reduce craving for sweets.

Sleep enough.  Give your body enough time to rest; you will not crave for sweet.

Drink plenty of water.  Our body can often mix thirst with hunger so give it water when it thinks it is hungry.

Don’t use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar; there are natural sweeteners that can replace sugar.

Eat a fruit. It can thyme your wish for sweet.



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