Some of you probably think that there is no way that you wake up and start your work day without a cup of coffee. I know that I do because coffee is the first think that I go and reach for after I wake up. The first sip I take seems like I took some magic potion.

My body starts to wake up slowly with every other sip. My brain is starting to function after I finish my first cup of morning coffee. I very often go for the second very soon to finish the process of waking up. Sometimes I think that I am going way over the limits with this favorite drink of mine. And I often wonder is it possible that coffee can have such amazing wake up effect on me or am I just exaggerating. Sometimes I feel strange and I think that it is coffee’s fault but I ignore it and go on with my habit.


It is funny how we can stick to some kind of think and link it with our lack of will to do something like waking up without a coffee is.


But you probably know that caffeine can do some bad stuff to your body.  Condition of your body will be more serious if you drink too much coffee and you also have secret addictions to sodas and energy drinks that are also packed with caffeine. if you start overdosing with this stimulant that counts for psychoactive drug, it will start showing on your body.

Check out these most common signs of caffeine overdose and stop before it makes serious damages on your health.


Your heart is constantly rushing

Your heart changes into “fifth gear” after every cup of coffee.  if your heart starts beating like you have arrhythmia it is probably because of the caffeine.  While some people can tolerate higher doses of caffeine, some are sensitive to small ones and their body starts reacting very fast.

 Headache is linked to caffeine overdose

Some scientific studies state that even 50% of “coffee drinkers” suffer from mild to intense headaches if they skip their coffee just one day. It is obvious sign that the body is used to caffeine and starts reacting when it doesn’t get it.

Coffee can cause anxiety

If you are overflowed with feelings of anxiety and irritability it is most likely because of your mourning coffee. Some people are so sensitive to caffeine and they start reacting after just a cup of coffee even if it is decaff (without caffeine).

You are lazy and everything around you gets on your nerve

When you don’t have coffee in the morning you are all “Jumpy” and everything irritates you. That is because caffeine stimulates the brain sensors to provide you with that “good feeling” and it also energizes the body. If you feel “down” without a coffee maybe it is because you are addicted to it.

You can’t fall a sleep

Do you ever go for a cup of coffee when you are tired?  It will refresh you right away because caffeine has the ability to raise adrenaline level and you will feel energized and awake.  This will help you when you need extra energy but not few hours before your bedtime. Coffee before bed will disturb your biological clock and you will have sleepless night and sleepy morning and you will be tired during the whole day.

You can become immune to caffeine

If you need real a lot of coffee to feel some effect it may mean that your body is so addicted to big doses of caffeine and you don’t feel it effects at full. And if you don’t find a way to stop you will end up drinking more and more coffee and the effect will be weaker.

Constant feeling of hunger

If you are trying to decrease the feeling of hunger with caffeine, don’t do it because too much coffee will do opposite because caffeine increases the secretion of hormones that stimulate the feeling of hunger. And the worst is that this kind of hunger only suppresses with high calorie food full of fats and sugars.

You feel that you can’t go without coffee

Did you try thinking about quitting your mourning coffee? You think about it and then sudden panic attack starts and you just keep drinking the coffee.  if so you are addicted and you will not be able to just cut off coffee out of your life. Try reducing the amounts of coffee you drink little by little, because sudden switch off of caffeine will be a shock to your body and it will cause tiredness and headaches.



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