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Stress has become a definition of new modern life. We are all exposed to it daily and it is becoming harder to control it and avoid it. Sometimes it may seem that it is just episode and that it is ending very soon. But stress can cause serious consequences to human health. If you notice some of these signs it means that stress has started to harm your health and you need to find a way to deal with it soon.


When we are stressed our body releases toxins that cause changes in blood vessels and nerves in and around the brain that can cause headache. If you never had these kinds of problems before you will start feeling constant banging in the head and it is a sign that you have to do something about stress. If you suffer from constant migraines stress can even worsen the situation.


Stress affects our immune system in a way that it makes it unstable and the organism starts releasing histamines that can cause allergic reaction and rash if the level of stress does not reduce fast. The rash can also be cased of any other thing in your environment, because the immune system is weakened and everything can cause irritations on the skin. The most common allergens are detergents, perfumes, body sprays and fabric softeners.



Acne are a signs on your face that you are overstressed. They appear as a result of increased hormone production which causes fats to stuff in the body.  fats often stick to follicles of the hairs with dirt and dead skin cells and form acne and pimples. If acne appear on your face and you are not a teen anymore, it is a sign that you need to do something about stress fast, and then you can solve the acne problem with regular hygiene.

Digestion problems

Stress causes various complications in the digestive system. It produces more gastric acid that can cause heartburn. It can also affect defecation and cause bloating and gas and a lot of times cause painful cramps and usually end up with diarrhea.

Changes in body weight

When you are constantly exposed to stress your body produces large amounts of cortisol. It is a hormone that affects the ability of the body to dissolve sugar and the ways body processes fats, proteins and carbs. These changes can be a result of big weight loss or gain. The hormone can also make it easier to adopt bad habits like overeating or starving.

Common colds

Stress is the enemy of the immune system and crashed immunity means that our body is prone to colds and it is harder for it to recover from them. If you find yourself in this kind of situation try a good way to deal with stress, it will be the best way to put an end to the constant colds.

Hair loss

Our hair is in a cycle. Old hairs fall out and new one grows in their place. Stress affects this cycle and makes your hair fall out more than it normally does. You need to protect yourself from constant stress episodes and with healthy nutrition your hair will be able to recover from this state in 2-3 months.

Concentration problems

As we said stress affects the production of cortisol. Higher concentration of this hormone in the blood causes mental problems like concentration and focus problems, loss of memory and depression.

And remember, no matter what the causes are, you need to find a way to deal stress in a way that is less painful to your body, because no matter how harmless it is, stress can cause serious health problems.



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