Healthy kidneys are the most important factor of our health. They have an important part in the organism of gathering the toxins from the body and eliminating them through urine.

They are also absorbing essential minerals and producing hormones. They really do amazing thing for you, but you also need to do something for them, and the best thing to do is take good care of them. Kidneys are amazing organ because they can function normally even when they are damaged but their capacity lowers, and that causes toxins to start storing in different parts of the body. Diseases that affect kidneys are most commonly silent and it is very important to accept a kind of healthy lifestyle that will also be beneficial for the kidneys.


You eat too much salt

Human body needs salt to function normally. But some people eat too much salt and increase the risk of high blood pressure and kidney failure or serious diseases of kidneys. Don’t exaggerate with salt, stick to 5 grams a day, which is the amount that will be most beneficial for your body and it will not harm your kidneys.

You don’t drink enough water

Water is the liquid of life. If you don’t drink enough water the kidneys will not be able to filter the blood and eliminate toxins and they will start to accumulate and become potential danger to the body. Start your day with a glass of water. And don’t forget to keep drinking water during the day. 1, 5 liters is the amount of water one person needs daily to provide normal functioning of the organs.

You drink too much sweet drinks

If you drink more than 2 glasses of sweetened drinks a day you can seriously harm your kidneys. Juices, sodas, even squeezed fruit juices in greater amounts because increased levels of protein in the urine, and it is a sign that something bad is happening with the kidneys.

You eat too much red meat

If you eat a lot of meat, especially red meat your kidneys need to work more than usual because red meat contains a lot of protein. Too much animal protein can cause catabolic disorder and cause serious kidney damages.

You don’t urinate regularly

It probably happens to all of us to ignore the need to urinate because we are busy or don’t like public toilets. Ignoring this need can become a habit, but a dangerous one. Retaining urine can cause serious damage to kidneys, cause kidney stones and kidney diseases.

You lack vitamins and minerals

Magnesium and vitamin B 6 are the most important for kidneys because they protect the kidneys of cancer cells. Lack of vitamins and minerals in nutrition can also cause kidney failure or stones. To avoid this situations enrich your diet with fresh vegetables and fruits so that the boody has all needed vitamins and minerals.

You drink too much coffee

Caffeine can cause serious damages to kidneys, especially if you drink too much of it. Drinking too much coffee will increase blood pressure and that causes stress to the kidneys. Stick to a cup a day. It will satisfy your need of caffeine and keep your body in perfect health.

You don’t sleep enough

It is important to sleep at least 7 hours so that your body rests and regenerates. Kidneys are able to regenerate damaged tissues while you sleep. Give them time to recover and try to get good night sleep every night.

You drink too much alcohol

Alcohol is a poison and it can cause serious harm to the kidneys. There is nothing wrong to drink a glass of wine every now and then but a lot of people can’t stop at just one glass. Large amounts of alcohol can cause serious health problems and are especially harmful for liver and kidneys. After huge amount of alcohol kidney need to work hard so that they can expel so much toxins from the body and are at higher risk of damages and failures.

Medication abuse

All of us suffer from different kinds of pain and we all have different methods to deal with pain. Some try natural ways to get rid of the pain while others reach out for pain killers right away. Frequent use of painkillers can lead to a form of addiction and you start using medication for almost everything. Abuse of medication can cause serious damages of organs like liver and kidneys.



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