Every person experiences ear pain at least once in a lifetime. People that suffer from it more often say that it is the most excruciating kind of pain ever. It is happening because of ear infection or it is following symptom of a cold or flu.

Luckily traditional medicine has a lot to offer when it comes to this problem, so if your infection or cold is not serious you can’t rush to the doctor right away. We already wrote about natural remedies for ear infections. Now discover another one natural treatment that is so simple and yet so effective in treating ear infection in grownups and especially for kids. Some call it magic sock, and it actually is white cotton sock filled with sea salt.


Sea salt is rich in minerals that are able to retain heat. Heat passes on to the affected and painful parts on and around the ear and it soothes the pain. To do this easy and helpful project all you will need is white clean cotton sock. It does not to be sock, it can be simple pouch or pocket made of white cotton material that you can tie well. You will also need 1-2 cups of sea salt in crystals. It has to be sea salt because fine kitchen salt will leak out of the sock and because sea salt contains more minerals than fine kitchen salt. Preparing is so easy and with these simple instructions you will prepare it once and it will become your regular choice every time you need a cure for sore ear and ear pain.



Take clean white cotton sock. Pour the salt inside and tie the sock on top so the salt stays in. Put a pan on medium heat and let it heat up. Place the sock on the hot pan and heat it up on low medium heat for 5-6 minutes. During the time it is heating up, take the sock shake it and turn it on another side. After a minute shake it and turn it over on another side so that the salt heats up equally. Heat it up so that the sock and salt are very warm but not hot, it usually does not take more than six minutes. Be careful and do not overheat the sock so that it doesn’t burn you. Be careful especially if you are using the sock on your kid.
Check it out on every side to see if it is not to hot and then apply it on the painful area on and around the ear. If your kid doesn’t want to place the sock on the ear try telling it that it is a magical sock and it will help soon. Just few minutes after you place the sock with salt on your ear you will be thankful you heard about this remedy.


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