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As we all know most of us have itchy and flaky skin that results with Dandruff. The actual cause of having it is unknown, but can be a result with poor hygiene, or with fast scalp skin change, but the most common reason is seborrheic dermatitis that is not so easy to treat.

Washing your hair whit medical shampoo doesn’t help in every case. If you have red scalp you must see a doctor (Dermatologist) to diagnose the right cause why you have it and how to treat it.  Most of the doctors will prescribe you shampoo that contains ketoconazole for treatment that is not so much effective.  Luckily there are some natural products that can help to successfully remove dandruff from your head.



Coconut oil and Lemon

Coconut oil can help you reduce itching of the scalp, with that to remove the dandruff.  Take little coconut oil and mix it with juice of one lemon, mix it well. With the blended juice massage you scalp five to six minutes. After twenty five minutes,  wash off your hair whit little colder water then ordinary. Repeat  the procedure two times in the week.

Apple cider vinegar

Washing your hair whit Apple cider vinegar will clean your scalp skin better than any shampoo.  It will return the pH balance on you scalp on normal and open and clean the pores. Mix three large spoons of Apple cider vinegar whit same amount of water and add three to four milligrams of tea tree oil.  Massage your scalp several minutes and after that wash your hair whit little coldest water then ordinary. You can also repeat this procedure one time in a week.

Olive oil

If your scalp is very dry you can treat it whit olive oil. Warm up one small cafe cup with the oil, massage it for several minutes after that put warm towel on your head. After twenty four hours ( you can sleep overnight whit it) wash your hear. Repeat this procedure two times a week.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is great to treat Dandruff, because it fights the fungal infections very good. Use one lemon and squeezed god in a café cup. Apply the mixture on your scalp and massage it for about 15 minutes. After that you can wash your hair.

Cold Water

It’s the simplest method of all the above, especially if you have oily scalp skin.   All you have to do is after washing your hair with shampoo or the remedies above is wash your hair for additional two or three minutes with little coldest water. Because cold water closes the pores on your scalp, so you can have oil less hair longer time without itching.

Treating Dandruff is not a simple process, by some people can be a short term process by others can be a long term the results can vary. But you can lose nothing if you try some of the remedies above. Wash your hair regularly with little coldest water then ordinary, so you can be free of Dandruff all day long. Another tip is spending more time in rooms with low temperatures.  Spend your day without scalp itching and no dandruff on your shirts. I hope it will help you, because it helped me.


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