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Always when we have some kind of pain, our body reacts on it. Our brain is changing the state of our body and mind from positive into negative, which can affect the quality of our life.  Joint pain affects our body in that way also, but in long term. After the last investigation in America every fourth person suffers from joint pain.

Most common kinds of joint pain are: knee pain, then shoulder pain, hips pain and others but we covered the main.  These days almost every athlete suffers  from joint pain, because of constant movement we make a signified pressure on our joints  whether it is soccer, baseball, tennis, or rugby. But also how we get older our body start weakening, and joint pain is also one of them. Here are the two main reasons why we have joint pain.


Rheumatoid Arthritis


Rheumatoid Arthritis, or RA primary affects small bones in our hands and wrists. People who have RA also have low red blood cells count. Why some people have rheumatoid arthritis is not clear, some Doctors says that genetic and environmental factors in combination can cause


RA. Five people in 100.000 can suffer from this condition. For now you cannot treat RA with Alternative medicine, but some people are saying that Tai chi helped them; and the mobility of their bones is improved. Other people are saying that omega-3 that is found in fish oil have helped them also. But for now there is not concrete evidence of that.



Osteoarthritis affects millions of people around the world and is the most common chronic joint condition. Osteoarthritis is many times mistaken whit RA, because of similarities between them.  Osteoarthritis occurs when we are passive, or we have decreased motions in our hands primary at the end of our fingers. When the joint cartilage that protects our bones is broken our bones start to rub that is number one reason that we have osteoarthritis. We can decrease the growth of this chronic bone disease in some cases, when we are over weighed we can start excising and reduce the fat in our body and with that the bone pressure between joints will be decreased. Osteoarthritis can be treated in two ways long or short term.

Long term includes with replacement of the cartilage from non-weight area in the affected area between bones.

Short term includes injection of hydrocortisone and can last from several weeks to several months. After that when the pain comes back the procedure must be repeated.


We can decrease the risk of joint pain; simply by keeping weight in normal so the stress between bones will be smaller, start consuming more fish in our meals. Start eating food reach whit magnesium like raw Spinach, Brown Rice, Avocados, figs, bananas  because it relaxes our muscles. Start exercise simply start every day waking routine, start swimming, sporting. All of these factors can help us.



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